Minnesotans Ban a Basketball Team for Being “Too Good”

A sample headline from a society gone bonkers: “Girls basketball team gets booted from league for being too good”.

A measure of the insanity around us? We’re used to such headlines by now.

A Minnesota youth basketball team has been ejected from a league for being too good and now the coach, parents and players are crying foul.

The Rogers Area Youth Basketball Association girls high school team was forced to the sidelines by the Northwest Suburban Basketball League — and it’s all because the team is 3-0, Fox 9 reported Saturday.

“We found out Friday at lunchtime that we’re not going to be allowed because according to the league our girls were too talented,” coach Jason Hanauska told the station.

RAYBA sent parents a letter that said the main reason for the league’s decision was because other teams in the league “do not want to play RAYBA due to the skill level.”

“This is absurd,” parent Sherri Palmgren told the station. “Do we take the (NFL’s) Patriots or Cardinals, who are going to the championship game, and kick them to the curb because they’re too good?”


Give it time!


The league ejected RAYBA just ahead of a showcase tournament this weekend, according to Fox 9.

“Are we supposed to play worse just to make them happy?” team member Tessa McCarthy told the station.


Yes. That’s exactly what you’re supposed to do. According to whom? Not just according to the idiots who make these policies and decisions. According to the ideology of self-sacrifice. The idiots who make these policies are everywhere. That’s why we keep seeing these kinds of stories over, and over, and over again. Without the notion of selfless humility as the ideal—which most of us have accepted—these policies would never see the light of day. Instead, they’re now normal.

“You are your brother’s keeper.” “Don’t be selfish.” “There is no ‘I’ in team.” “Level the playing field.” “The meek shall inherit the earth.” We’ve all heard these ideas and slogans a thousand times. They have a way of penetrating, and sticking, in our subconscious minds. That’s why, when it comes to decisions like this, most people are afraid to speak out. It’s because of cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance refers essentially to a contradiction.

Example of cognitive dissonance: “This team is kicking ass. It’s doing so well that it makes the losing teams uncomfortable and embarrassed. The winning team should take a break. Humility rules.” Opposing idea: “Forget it! They won, fair and square, and they deserve to enjoy their success.”

Sooner or later, when confronted with two contradictory premises, you have to decide.

In a nutshell, that’s why American society is declining. No, it’s not because of guns, gay marriage or money. It’s not even because of that twerp Obama. Obama being twice elected is a symptom of the problem. We’re drowning in an ocean of hypersensitivity, self-conscious hypocrisy, pathological neurosis and profound psychological disorder. Bad ideas lead to negligent and stupid actions in practice, and bad ideas are literally killing us.

In an earlier America, before any of us were born, the attitude was quite different. It must have been; because if it had not been different, there would never have been any America to inherit. Without attention to excellence and achievement, America would have been the mediocre and second-rate society it’s in the process of becoming today. Under America’s original premise, excelling and rising above the pack is the way to be. When you attain and excel, you do not apologize, shrink back or hang your head in shame. You celebrate. And, better still, those who admire achievement and accomplishment – they used to be the majority – cheer you on as well. Or, at a minimum, they leave you alone and wish you will. If they’re envious, they’re ashamed of their envy, they keep it to themselves, and they’re criticized for being envious, if it spills out.

If there really is a silent majority out there who agrees with what I’m saying, I hope they’ll start to speak out. There’s an example like this Minnesota girls’ basketball team to cite just about every single day. Fight back and call this insanity what it is. Fire the people who make these decisions, shame them, make fun of them and condemn them. Make it very, very hard for such stupid ideas to get very far.

Above all: Defend the best, and make no apologies for it, whether you’re the best or someone else is. Excellence is what makes life worth living. The celebration of achievement is what made America special and unique, unlike any society before or since in history. It will never be great again without it.

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