Why Bernie Sanders is Catching Up to Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are deadlocked for the Democratic nomination in Iowa and New Hampshire right now.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are deadlocked in both Iowa and New Hampshire three weeks before voting begins in the 2016 presidential race, while the Republican primary contest remains tight in Iowa, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News/Marist poll finds.

Mrs. Clinton holds a slim, 48%-to-45% lead over the Vermont senator among likely Democratic caucus goers in Iowa, the survey finds. Mr. Sanders edges the former secretary of state among likely primary voters in New Hampshire, 50% to 46%. Both leads are within the poll’s margins of error.

How can this be?

Bernie Sanders is a nobody, nationally speaking, from the tiny state of Vermont. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is the heir to the most corrupt and self-entitled political dynasty since the fall of the Roman Empire.

What’s going on?

Most likely, Hillary Clinton will walk away with the nomination and subsequent coronation, in the end.

However, there’s another possible explanation.

People like moral clarity. This is one thing that Bernie Sanders offers.

On the subject of socialism, he is unequivocal. Private property? There’s no such thing. Yes, we’ll retain some of it, if we have to, but morally speaking – it’s not your money, and it’s not your property. It’s society’s property which, when translated, means: the government’s.

If you happen to be someone Sanders defines as a “little guy,” then it’s another story. But if you make above a certain amount of money, forget it. It’s not your money.

A lot of people who vote in the Democratic primaries are probably sick of the lack of moral clarity from people like the Clintons. While it’s true that, in the end, the country will look just as socialist when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are done with it as it would if Bernie Sanders became president, there’s an appeal in moral clarity.

We need a Bernie Sanders running for president. Not because he’s right. He’s wrong about virtually everything. And he’s deeply wrong in principle. But at least he cares about principle.

The Republican Party desperately needs a Bernie Sanders – from the opposite moral direction. The Republican Party, under an endless parade of Bushes, Doles, McCains and Romneys, has even less moral and ideological clarity than the Clintons, and that’s really saying something.

What would a Republican Party platform with moral clarity look like?

It would not fixate on repealing Obamacare and building a wall on the Mexican border. It would probably support these positions, but these are marginal concerns compared to what we’re facing today.

Instead, it would say things like, “When you produce wealth, it’s yours to keep, whether it’s $100 or a trillion dollars. Your private property is your own, regardless of how much it is.”

It would say, “The private sector, under for-profit ownership, operates with far greater efficiency and innovation than the public sector ever could. We all know the difference between the post office/DMV and Apple Computers. Government has no moral right interfering in anything, other than punishing thieves, frauds and cheats. And despite what socialism claims, you are NOT a fraud and a cheat merely because you make more money.”

It would say, “Militant Islam is bad and wrong; once we’re elected, militant Islamic regimes and organizations will be toast.” (To their credit, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz show indications of such a position.)

These positions, of course, represent the exact opposite of Bernie Sanders’ socialism and anti-American pacifism. But that’s what America needs—an alternative.

Granted, it would be hard to bring about a private property, laissez-faire capitalist economy. It would not happen overnight, and there would be a lot of battles and reversals along the way. But at least there would be a battle. Even if America goes down, it will at least go down with 20 or 30 percent of its population fighting. And sometimes minorities can change the course of history.

Moral clarity has a way of telling you which direction is right, and why. It gives you a course to stay on, instead of the confusion and borderline insanity we increasingly find in our political process today.

Give me a candidate who has clear, unequivocal ideas based on moral principles. That way, you know where everyone stands.

I could not disagree with Bernie Sanders any more than I do. Yet of all the candidates running, he’s far and away the easiest man to understand.

No wonder he’s giving Hillary Clinton, the woman who would be America’s empress, a run for her money.

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