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Have We Failed Our Veterans?

From the article:

Undoubtedly, veterans sometimes feel their work, efforts and painful losses are unappreciated. To some extent, this is inevitable. The whole purpose of a war for soldiers in a historically prosperous, free country such as the United States is to preserve what exists. If the soldiers’ efforts are successful, then their work was not in vain, whether people show appreciation for their efforts, or not. This is not to minimize the lack of respect or poor treatment soldiers may receive on their return. Such ingratitude or insensitivity should certainly be countered with positive efforts. But veterans, just like anyone else suffering from trauma or emotional pain, must ultimately learn how to cope with their loss and suffering even if they do not enjoy the approval or sensitivity from others they are arguably entitled to expect. It’s for their own sake they must do so. One way to do so is to remind oneself of an objective, undeniable fact: that civilization is still standing, and–whatever the veteran him- or herself may think of the actual war or conflict which took place–the very act of participating in a nation’s defense enables that society and civilization to go on…

…What’s in the mind of a person who successfully completes a suicide? We’ll never know. Former soldiers who use decisive methods to kill themselves, such as guns, mean to end their lives and (having been trained warriors) know how to do so. Because they’re no longer alive, we’re unable to study their perspectives and motivations for taking this step.

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A long time Living Resources Newsletter reader, operating under the pen name ‘P. Douglas’, sent us the following online discussion regarding gun control, specifically in Texas. It is reprinted in its entirety here. It’s not like any other discussion on the subject of guns, including open carry laws, you will read elsewhere!

From the article:

Guns are not foolproof. Neither are cars, swimming pools, ladders, and toasters, all of which people contrive to kill themselves with. Why is my right to self-defense subordinate to the stupidity of people who “chose not to” use a tool responsibly, or to the ignorance or immaturity of those who can’t? Why does their deficiency trump my rights?

I can justify open carry the same way I can justify concealed carry: By my right to life, which justifies and requires a right to self-defense. The question is not how I exercise my rights, but whether I have those rights in the first place. I have a right to free speech; are you going to cavil over whether I exercise it by speaking in the park or writing an op-ed or posting anonymously on line, just because some people are subliterate poo-flinging morons who can’t be trusted with a keyboard? …

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