“Do Something!” … But What?

In the aftermath of something like Paris and now the San Bernardino tragedy, the emotional response of many is, “Do something.”

That’s where gun control comes in.

Gun control provides an opportunity for politicians and others who feel helpless to “do something.”

What about the Second Amendment?

“It’s stupid.” That’s what Geraldo Rivera thinks of it, and he speaks for most Obama supporters. Don’t like part of the Constitution? Just call it stupid. Wipe it out, or ignore it.

What will be next to wipe out or call “stupid” – freedom of speech?

What about the fact that peaceful people, who do not join violent Jihads and build fortresses in their homes for the purpose of slaughtering their co-workers who disagree with them on religion, are the only ones who will follow laws severely restricting or outright banning guns?

No worries. So long as we’re doing something.

What about the fact that escalating terrorist attacks are a symptom of a deeper problem? The deeper problem being that our President will not morally condemn Islam and ISIS, and will not militarily attack them with the full force of our weaponry? In fact, he does virtually nothing, other than go through some minimal motions to make it look like he’s doing something to “contain” the problem?

Well, to suggest there’s a real cause of the problem is to get yourself labeled a war monger, a “hater,” and – of course, that old standby – a “racist.”

Passing gun control would be disastrous for two reasons.

One reason is that it would be the death knell for the individual liberty of self-defense. It would be the final nail in the coffin for government control over the rights of the peaceful, law-abiding individual to be free from force. They already control health care, education, the currency and the banking industry. Physical sovereignty is the last thing left.

Remember that not only criminals feel safer with a legally disarmed citizenry. So does government.

In fact, gun bans would turn the peaceful, law-abiding individual into an underground criminal. Such a person is now at war with his government, rather than protected by it. Because that government is not merely telling him, “Do what you have to do to protect yourself; we will also do everything we can to protect you.”

Now, that government will be saying, in effect, “You’re not allowed to protect yourself. And if you make efforts to do so, we will fine or jail you.”

The second reason passing gun control would be disastrous?

It allows our government to get away with the fact that it’s doing nothing to actually fight back against Islamic-based terrorism.

Gun control is a way to go through the motions so we can all pretend that ISIS and Islamic violence are no different than any criminal activity of any other kind. It permits us to delude ourselves that we’re not at war with anybody, although others – ISIS, their terrorist cells, their state-sponsored supporters in Iran and elsewhere – are most definitely at war with us.

Gun control is a way to mentally blank out on Obama’s disastrous and dangerous foreign policy by making life even more dangerous for the peaceful and the innocent. It’s denial and evasion on an incredibly maddening scale.

If Obama were a plant or a front for ISIS in America, his actions would be no different, in substance. He would be doing almost exactly what he does now.

I’m not suggesting he is a plant for ISIS, radical Islamic groups or any other foreign enemy. I am not much of a conspiracy theorist.

But the awful truth is that we have somebody in high office who’s actually a villain; who’s actually one of the bad guys, in terms of his actions. His intentions do not matter. To suggest that Obama’s innocent in his intentions is merely to confess that he’s breathtakingly and amazingly stupid, as is – quite frankly – anyone who still believes or trusts this man.

Oppose gun control and gun bans because they’re wrong, and because they violate the Second Amendment.

More than that, oppose gun control so Obama will not have an opportunity to evade and gloss over the fact that his foreign and defense policies have been stupendous, dangerous failures.

There’s a gathering storm of Islamic-based violence sweeping over America, Europe and all of the Western civilization that organized Islam is out to destroy. Obama, in his failure to lift a finger to protect us, is responsible for a large part of it. It’s happening on his “watch,” and he continues not to be held accountable for any of it. It’s almost as if he’s not the President.

If America does not wipe out all remnants of Obama’s policies in the next election, then the majority who draw this conclusion will deserve exactly what’s coming. Not the rest of us, though.

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