Ben Carson Hits an Islamic Nerve

Closeup of Ben Carson during speaking event

Official Muslims are enraged. No, this is not news. But read on.

Ben Carson, a Republican presidential candidate, has said Islam is antithetical to the US Constitution, and that a Muslim should not be elected president of the United States.

“I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that,” Carson told NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday. [ 9-20-15]

“On Monday, September 21 (at 11 .am.), the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, will hold a news conference at its Capitol Hill headquarters to call on Republican candidate Ben Carson to withdraw from the presidential race for saying today that Islam is “inconsistent” with the Constitution and that a Muslim should not be elected president. [ 9/20/15]

Here’s an idea.

Let’s all get behind a Muslim candidate for president who advocates the following things:

Strict separation of church and state;

Elevation of Constitutional law and individual rights above Islamic-based Sharia Law;

Ripping up Obama’s agreement with terrorist-sponsoring Iran on day 1 in office;

A moral denunciation of Islamic attitudes and acts of brutality against women, gays/lesbians, and all others who violate the creed of Islam;

Support for the Israeli republic in the Middle East against any and all nations who support terrorism, or who initiate violence against anyone who disagrees with them;

A promise to eradicate ISIS and all other sponsors of Islamic violence with the full extent of our military and weapon capability.

Does anyone know of a Muslim candidate who stands for these things?

Of course not. Because Ben Carson is right.

Islam is more at odds with the idea of a democratic republic supportive of individual rights than any other ideological or religious movement in the world today.

I know that we’re all supposed to pretend to believe that Islam is compatible with freedom, scientific advancement, reason and individual rights. But where is the evidence for this?

Where are the mass movements of pro-America/pro-freedom/pro-reason Muslims who should be outraged by the misrepresentation of Islam by those who do everything in its name?

Where are the vocal minority movements of Muslims who oppose all the violence, beheadings, moralistic shaming and cold-blooded intimidation perpetrated by this religion on a daily basis?

I’ve heard of the concept “a silent majority.” But we cannot even find a silent or vibrant minority of Muslims who oppose what is routinely said and done in their religion’s name.

Yes, other religions are (or have been) guilty of similar atrocities. I am no apologist for religion — not any religion. But for the most part, in this day and age, other religions leave other people alone — at least when contrasted with Islam. Most religions today accept some version of the separation of church and state; except for Islam.

Instead of demanding that Dr. Ben Carson apologize for his honest, almost self-evidently true statements, why won’t those morally denouncing him now provide evidence of how and why he is wrong?

America’s economy is stagnating. The government has hooked millions of people on the welfare state. People are abandoning or giving up on employment in record numbers. Unemployment in urban/racial minority groups resembles that of a third world country. Social Security and Medicare are going bust in about 10 more years. Taxes, government spending and government control over individual liberty are all higher than at any time in our history. For the first time in American history, a majority of adults think their children will live in a less prosperous and desirable society than they do. Islam and ISIS, more than any other force, are seeking to decimate Western civilization and America most of all. All this goes on while the military is being gutted by the Obama administration and a weak, compliant and cowardly Republican Congress.

With problems like these, why would Carson’s comments, even if they were insensitive and inaccurate — which they are not — rise to the level of demanding he leave the presidential race, after polling second in some surveys?

Is it merely political correctness? Or is it a self-loathing too sinister and deep rooted to contemplate?

Islam is a murderous ideology? It’s too obvious to even say. Let’s also look at what’s wrong with the people who make excuses for it.

Let’s be real. Whether all individual Muslims are evil is not the point. The point is: Islam is an evil ideology. When put into practice, it destroys all who disagree with it. Why are those who simply state the obvious put on the defensive? Why are those who identify with such an ideology, without ever condemning it for all the destruction and pain it causes, never on the defensive?

It’s truly madness.

Please, please Dr. Carson…do not apologize, and do not back down.



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