Huckabee’s Right…And Everyone Knows It

Iran flag of green, white, and red with emblem of Iran in red

Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has been thrashed for saying that Barack Obama’s “peace” treaty with Iran is the same as marching Israelis “to the door of the oven” — an apparent reference to the Nazi death camps.

But why is this controversial?

The regime of Iran has, at various times, stated that Israel must be wiped off the face of the map, and that the Nazi Holocaust never happened.

Supporters of Obama’s treaty have demanded that Huckabee apologize. But why? The Iranian government has never apologized for the threatening comments of its members. Why on earth should Huckabee apologize when he hasn’t threatened anyone, but is basically expressing the truth?

Iran’s regime — the one we’re making peace with, without a single credible concession on its part — continues to support “death to America” protests in Iran. And we’re treating Mike Huckabee as the enemy here?

This is what a complete moral inversion looks like.

A moral inversion is when you emotionally side with the people who seek your harm or annihilation, while condemning those who actually represent your survival and interests.

When you speak with people who are emotionally beat up or physically assaulted by their spouses/family members, and yet still make excuses for them, it’s a similar moral inversion. When you witness the “Stockholm Syndrome” in demoralized or terrified hostages, you also find moral inversions.

In these cases, the inversions are perhaps understandable and explainable. The kind of thing our own government has done with Iran is explainable only by simple treason; or a much darker, uglier and deeper self-loathing of our own country and the beautiful ideals of liberty, individual rights and secular prosperity for which its leaders once stood.

Neither explanation is pretty, but it’s what we’re facing. The outrage from every quarter directed against Mike Huckabee is more sad evidence.

I don’t care if Mike Huckabee is trying to gain attention in an election race so far dominated by Donald Trump. It does not make him wrong. I don’t care if I disagree with Mike Huckabee on many other things (and I do). He’s right about this one, and he’s courageous to hold his ground. So few who are right actually do.

I do not care if some Jews, and even the Israeli government itself, object to the use of such strong imagery. They’re entitled to their own denial, although they will have to pay the consequences for it, should it carry the day. Goodness knows, they have the most to lose, in any near-term sense.

Huckabee and others make valid comparisons between our own era and the “peace in our time” weakness leading up to Hitler’s invasions of European countries in the 1930s. I agree with the analogy, except for one thing: There will be little warning. The moment Iran does have a nuclear weapon, you will know it. Because they will either have already used it (most likely against Israel), or they will be engaged in a credible form of nuclear blackmail.

With Iran, as with the unyielding fundamentalist Islamic faith it represents, there is no appeasement, no gray area, no middle ground. They are moral absolutists.

The fundamentalist Muslim fanatics who run that regime are the fanatics to whom other fanatics go in order to learn how to be fanatics worthy of the name. Hitler himself could have learned a thing or two from them.

Huckabee’s language and tone merely reflect the language and tone of the Iranian militants who openly — as of this moment — have every intention of incinerating Israeli citizens the first moment they can. They will move forward with or without this absurd Obama “peace” treaty. But if we sign the agreement, we have given the Iranian fanatics our moral sanction, something even Hitler did not get.

As horrific and unspeakable as the analogy of the “gas ovens” may be, it’s tame compared to what anyone who opposes radical Islam will face if these people ever get a hold of nuclear weapons.

Grow up, America!



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