Celebrate-Life-on-Earth Hour

If you do what you’re told, you will celebrate Earth Hour on Saturday, March 29 from 8:30 pm – 9:30 pm (in your local time zone).

Earth Hour advocates describe it as “a global movement uniting people to protect the planet. By asking individuals, cities, landmarks and business to turn their non-essential lights off for one hour and commit to reducing their environmental impact, we are showing everyone that the world’s environmental issues don’t have to overwhelm us. Small things we do every day can make a better future. Join the movement and make your commitment to a better planet.” [source: worldwildlife.org]

I have a better idea.

During the hour designated Earth Hour, why not truly celebrate life on earth, and all that it implies — by turning ON all of your lights, computers, and everything you can.

Instead of moving back toward the darkness, instead of longing for a time when man did not “contaminate” Earth with reason, science, free markets, entrepreneurial ingenuity; all grounded in rational human thought, let’s celebrate all the things that these virtues and qualities have brought about.

Do you like living in 2014, as opposed to 1914, 1800, the Middle Ages or the Stone Age?

If so, why do you prefer 2014? Perhaps it’s because we have things like electricity, clean water and plumbing, a massive surplus of food and fuel on every corner, automobiles, high speed trains and airplanes, high speed Internet connections and satellite technology.

Do you think that life would be different without these things? Do you actually think life would be better without these things?

If so, there are many places on earth left that do not have the benefit of these technologies. You’re free to go live there. America’s government will not keep you here. If you remain in an advanced technological civilization, despite its assault on “Earth” in its pristine and untarnished state, you do so by choice. At least own this choice, be conscious of it, and make your values and beliefs consistent with your choice.

By turning off your lights, and putting to sleep — for an hour — all that makes life on earth tolerable, livable and possible, you’re demonstrating your allegiance to Earth uninhabited by human creation, innovation or will. If you enjoy and depend on the benefit of these things, then why shut them down for an hour?

Instead, we should be doing precisely the opposite. We should take an hour to indulge in and remind ourselves of the best of the human spirit — the potential best within all of us,  that makes life possible. Rational human beings at their reasoning, thinking and achieving best: This is what we ought to celebrate.

We denigrate human freedom and willpower at the behest of these religious fundamentalists pretending to be sophisticated advocates of a progressive, brave new era. They call themselves “environmentalists.” This is code for: Return Earth to the state it was before humans took it over.

Look at their choice of symbolism: Darkness. Longing and yearning for a state of savagery and ignorance.

Of course, they’re free to worship and long for these things. But I will have no part of it. And if you agree with me even a little bit, you shouldn’t either.

My choice will be, and will remain, to celebrate life on earth; not Earth itself. It’s what humans have done with Earth, and what they might yet do to improve human life in the future, that matters to me.

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