Obamacare: What’s In It For Me?

1) Taking half a day off work to attend a mandated meeting (required to stay insured) to inform me of new forms, new rules, new paperwork, new requirements;

2) Higher premiums;

3) Same or even less coverage than before.

All for what? For my benefit? I see no benefit.

Benefit for whom, if not for me? For the sake of others? Which others? Those who are on government Medicaid? How is this better for them than a free marketplace?

And why are others my responsibility? I am not their responsibility. Why the double standard?

I thought a free country meant that everyone was equal under the law. But some citizens being responsible for other citizens — financially, by force of law — is not equality. Why do we pretend to care about equality when our laws treat everyone unequally?

Why is it “discriminatory and hateful” for me to complain about Obamacare (as I’ve been told by those who support Obamacare), while it’s not discriminatory or hateful for others to have me forcibly finance them?

How does the resulting resentment and injustice benefit the “greater good”? Does the greater good proclaimed by the charlatans running our government refer to the good of all, or only those the charlatans favor?

What’s good about making a bad situation worse, through force of law, and limiting people’s freedom, choices and self-responsibility more than they have?

Whose good is served by limiting freedom and increasing bureaucracy and coercion, especially in an area as precious and important as medical care?

What makes government control of this arena great, and all private sector activity in this context questionable, or worse?

People who support Obamacare say to me, when I criticize it, “Who made you such an expert?” They won’t entertain the question: “What makes Obama such an expert on what’s best for all?”

Why does Obama get to be in charge of deciding this, rather than individual citizens deciding this for themselves? Why is it wrong for individuals to make their own decisions for themselves, while it’s right for Obama and the federal government to make one gigantic decision for all?

I’m supposed to hold my breath 15 more years until I get Medicare. But everybody I know on Medicare now still has to purchase supplemental coverage just to be fully covered. And supplemental coverage only covers what Medicare permits it to cover. If Medicare is so great, why is coverage limited and full of holes?

Why is the cost of funding Medicare skyrocketing as payments to doctors/hospitals are plummeting and benefits are shrinking? If government health care is the only answer, then why is government providing less and less of it all the time? And why is government the only entity allowed to supply it?

Why don’t supporters of government health care permit a free market to at least compete with the government? Instead, people are being shoved into ever-more heavily regulated “private” insurance collectives. This is government, not a free market. Federal law sets the rules of the game and rigs the outcome for doctors and patients.

Why can’t those who don’t want Medicare, Medicaid or Obamacare opt out of paying for these programs? What gives government the right to monopolize and control this field for everyone?

Where are the politicians willing to voice and ask these hard questions?

What rational reason is there for me to expect Medicare to even exist 15 years from now (to say nothing of 40 years from now, if you’re younger), given the skyrocketing budget deficits and national debt, caused mostly by entitlement programs such as Medicare?

I see nothing but trouble coming from the absurdly named, “Affordable Health Care Act.” What about you? Has it changed your life for the better? Do you expect it to do so? If so, exactly how?

Government has become a state religion. It’s a religion of force based on a creed of self-immolation and glorified gang warfare.

Health care and state must be separate, just as religion and state are separate. Until people wake up and face this fact, there’s no resolving the dysfunctional mess that health care, and so much of society, has become.

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