Obama’s Era of Complacency and Stagnation

Bloomberg News reports:

President Obama, speaking from the same Washington stage where Martin Luther King Jr. delivered a defining speech of the civil rights movement, said that even as the nation has been transformed, work remains in countering growing economic disparities.

‘To secure the gains this country has made requires constant vigilance, not complacency,’ said Obama, appearing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, where 50 years ago today King called on Americans to make good on the country’s founding promise of equality for all.

Obama’s language is, of course, code for transfers of wealth. Put plainly and bluntly: Those who have more, should keep less; those who have less, should be given more.

This is the language of socialism, the language of complacency.

In reality, it’s not socialism that fosters vigilance. Only capitalism—unhampered, laissez-faire capitalism—does that.

In a free market, people are free to attempt to become whatever they wish. Nothing is guaranteed, but many things are possible. This creates a psychology of productivity, incentive, aspiration and ambition.

In a socialized economy, the kind where Obama is pushing us, everyone becomes complacent. Those who would like to produce more have their hands tied by government regulations and taxes. Taxes and regulation self-evidently undermine innovation. Case in point: In the last five years, since Obama intensified socialism in America, the economy has barely grown at all. And if you don’t cook the numbers, unemployment has barely gone down, at all.

Socialism breeds complacency. On the one hand, it stifles innovation. So creativity and ambition remain dormant. On the other hand, everyone is guaranteed a basic income. So there’s no incentive to stay alive. That will be taken care of for you, guaranteed by the loving entitlement state.

In a world without possibility of ambition or rational fear of starvation, how are human beings to grow and thrive?

Obama and his kind love to equate racism and free market capitalism. But as we move more and more towards government nationalization and control, check out the latest figures:

Unemployment among African-Americans stands at 12.6 percent, while the national unemployment rate is 7.4 percent. Since the June 2009 [technical] end of the recession, median income for black households has dropped 10.9 percent, compared with a 3.6 percent fall for white households, according to Sentier Research, an economic-consulting firm in Annapolis, Maryland.

Obama has been ‘spreading the wealth’ around like crazy since 2009. He has raised taxes, nationalized health care, and for all practical purposes nationalized the lending industry.

He has granted government agencies such as the IRS, NSA and EPA unprecedented authority bordering on the totalitarian, and he could not care less about Congressional or judicial consent.

He’s preparing to turn the public school system into essentially one of all out communism, with the government in charge of everything from funding to content, from pre-school through graduate school.

Socialist dreams are being realized nearly every day in America, especially since 2009. So why isn’t the unemployment rate for black people going down? Why isn’t everything equalizing? Why are people becoming, on the whole, more indifferent, lazier and more dependent on the government for handouts than ever before?

Maybe employment is not the measure of Obama’s policies. Blacks and whites are depending on government handouts such as food stamps, disability income and ‘free’ health insurance in greater numbers than ever before.

Those of us who still look at figures relating to economic growth and employment are behind the times. (Or more precisely: Ahead of the times, since capitalism has rarely been given an actual try in human history to date.) The measure of success in Obama’s America is how much you get from the government trough.

What about concepts such as full employment and economic growth? That’s the language of capitalism, and capitalism is out.

Wealth equalization and income guarantees do not foster ‘vigilance’ or anything close to that. The massive, big brother/entitlement/transfer-of-wealth state fosters stagnation. The policies our government pursues will lead to complacency and—for some—even despair, as innovation declines.

Human beings require the precise opposite of what Obama and his kind have preached for centuries. To survive, much less flourish, people need innovation and economic growth. Only capitalism will ever provide that.

There’s always hope. Human beings have free will, can think, can change their ideas and policies and demand that their leaders do the same. But hope is the complete opposite of what we’re doing now. Massive and complete reversals are the only route to the ‘transformation’ of America Obama claims to want.

Americans must wake themselves out of their Obama-induced slumber if they want this once great land to thrive and grow again.


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