Political “To Do” List

Political “To Do” List


Right to Be Gay and Marry


Still to Do:

Right to all of my income, not just the portion a “progressive” and elitist government tells me is mine;

Right to purchase health care/health insurance in an unfettered free market, rather than a pseudo-market mandated by government;

Right to own weapons of self-defense;

Right to decide when to give to charity, or whether to do so at all, without some pretentious politician preaching to me about the virtues of selflessness (while happily taking millions for books, speaking engagements and other perks of public life);

Right to be totally free from the initiation of force, whether that force be initiated by obvious criminals, or the ones we elect to office to violate the property and rights of some for the sake of others;

Right to freedom of speech and association, without threat of lawsuits or government officials breathing down my back;

Right to not have government assume I’m a criminal merely by virtue of being a private person, and without my knowledge or consent having access to any of my phone or computer records, any time it wishes;

Right to be protected from the worst criminals of all, religiously fanatical terrorists who like to fly innocent airplane passengers into skyscrapers, without having to listen to my Commander in Chief refer to such ideologies as a religion of  “peace” and demanding tolerance and compassion for them.

Other than that, I’m cheering the Supreme Court decision making it easier for gay people to marry.

But what about the right to … well, just about everything else?

Baby steps, I suppose.