Terrorism: The Next Generation

It’s interesting.

When a killer shoots up a school, or any other public setting, for no particular reason, we’re told: “We’ve got to find answers. We must understand the nature of psychosis. Once we do, we can cure it and these murders will stop. We must outlaw guns, immediately. And we must increase federal funding for mental health services, immediately.”

When a killer shoots up a school, a government building — or an athletic event, say in Boston — for reasons apparently related to religious ideology (Islam, the usual suspect), we’re simply told: “Go about your business.”

The President doesn’t really want to call it terrorism, and will undoubtedly rush to praise the religion whose principles call for “holy war” against the innocent. If the terrorism were done in the name of something other than Islam, then the same President would have a lot more to say about the irrational ideas animating the evil actions of the killers. But not when it’s Islam.

Regardless of in whose name the violence occurs, most people make one very big mistake after these events. They ask, “Why would somebody do this? What’s going through their minds? We must find out the answer.”

There is no answer, other than the one nobody wants to hear or say — since most of these incidents occur in the name of Islam. It’s politically and psychologically incorrect to criticize Islam in the United States, and it’s practically becoming illegal in places such as Canada and Europe. Yet Islam is a rising force in the world, not because it’s strong — but because the people and civilizations they seek to destroy are weak … on the inside.

Western civilization, embodied by America most of all, is reversing course. Science, reason, freedom, capitalism, individual rights: These are the values on which America was founded, in the first place. But today, and for some time now, we’ve been going in exactly the opposite direction. We’re trying to become more like the people we’re not — supernatural, socialist, collectivist and thoroughly self-effacing, unassertive. America is trying to become the place from which the immigrants who still flood our borders are trying to flee.

Obama is the ultimate embodiment of this trend, and it appears to be what most people want. This gives terrorist groups, terrorist cells, openly terrorist governments (e.g., Iran) and warped individuals the opening and seeming justification they need. The same applies to a lone wolf psychotic unconnected to the group psychosis known as supernaturalism. This is how any bully operates. When a bully smells weakness or indecision, he strikes. That’s what Islam has been doing for decades now, because wobbly weakness is what America (and the West more generally) has displayed for decades now.

The most common reason people kill others is envy. When you hate what another has — materially, spiritually or both — and you don’t believe it’s possible for yourself to ever attain it, then the emotion of envy develops. Most with envy don’t turn to violence, but some do. Islam fosters envy and gives it metaphysical certainty and moral justification, to its followers. The ideological cause of such murder and mayhem is Islam; the psychological cause is envy.

We know the cause. I just named it, and it’s not that difficult to understand or figure out.

One reason these acts of terrorism keep happening is because almost none of us ask the right questions. We ask, “Why?” as if reason and logic could be somehow related to these mindless acts of brute force and destruction.

The right question to ask is: What are we doing to send a signal to terrorists that the way is clear for them?

Right after 9/11, it was America who got the blame. America, we were told — including by the man who is now our President — is arrogant and brought this destruction upon itself. There’s not enough federal spending on social programs, they claimed. There’s too much spending on the military, they screamed. There are too many wars, and it all must stop, they demanded. (Who starts the wars?) Most of all, we were told, America has to stop considering itself as exceptional. America is no better or worse than any other country, or any other civilization, ever to exist on the planet. Obama won the presidency, and the first thing he told America in his inaugural address was essentially, “Who do you think you are? You’re not exceptional.”

The policies based on those attitudes have been firmly in place for five years now. Witness how well they’ve worked. We’ve apologized to the world, over and over. We’ve reduced our defense spending. We’re systematically cutting back on our nuclear capability, in hopes of appeasing the fascist Chinese and Russians as well as the certifiably insane mullahs in Iran and the creature currently running North Korea. We’re downsizing the part of the federal government mandated by the Constitution, and we’re spending into oblivion for programs neither mandated nor permitted by the Constitution. It’s madness, and it looks like that to everyone in the world, particularly those who seek to take advantage of our gullibility and irrationality.

If the terrorist act is due to a lone mad killer, as in Newtown, CT last December, we’re told that there must be more federal spending, and guns should be outlawed (or at least severely restricted).

I wonder what the approach will be to the Boston disaster, assuming it’s due to Islamic-inspired terrorism. Outlaw the private manufacture of bombs? Last time I checked, that was illegal. Spend more money on mental health services for unwilling and irate Muslims, in hopes they can be reasoned into abandoning their religion? Beyond absurd. So what’s the answer then? I’m waiting with a wary detachment to see what they come up with for this one. It’s not going to be pretty, whatever it is.



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