Obama’s Kind of Immigrants

If America were a totally free country — with no entitlement state, no ‘progressive’ taxation, no socialized medicine and no Barack Obama issuing extra-Constitutional executive orders by whim and at gunpoint — immigration would not be a threat.

In a free country, immigrants are always welcome. The operative phrase here is: ‘free country.’

In a free country, the economy would be continually growing and in constant, desperate need of new manpower and new brainpower. The owners of large, established businesses would want immigrants because good employees would always be in demand. The ‘little guy’ would welcome immigrants as well, because the influx of cheaper labor would mean lower prices for consumers.

In a rational society, based on individual rights and laissez-faire capitalism, immigrants are the lifeblood of an always growing, always emerging society. Trivial concerns over race, religion and skin color would go by the wayside. All that really matters to a free people is: Excellence, along with the common cause of self-responsibility.

Even in a free society, government would be required to keep out known criminals or terrorists. But such a concern would be minimized by the fact that a free society has little to offer such people.

Criminals will always be found everywhere. But they won’t flock to a country that refuses to give them something for nothing. Criminals are parasites, not self-responsible producers. A free country, with no handouts or politically engineered entitlements, has nothing to offer moochers and parasites.

In America 2013, the equation is almost completely reversed. America still offers elements of freedom, although those are fading fast under the reign of Barack. The only reason America still holds appeal to reasonable, honest and self-responsible immigrants is that the rest of the world is still more corrupted by rotten governments than our own. (That may soon change, given America’s current downward spiral.)

America does have a lot to offer the kind of immigrants a free country would never attract. America offers ‘free’ education, ‘free’ health care, ‘free’ unemployment compensation, ‘free’ distribution of wealth for as far as the eye can see—or as far as a politically manipulated currency based on the arbitrary whims of politicians in Washington D.C. can manage to make it last.

America’s present leadership, led by the hapless, arrogant Obama and humbly enabled by the likes of his Republican ‘opponents,’ stands ready to welcome and embrace the worst kind of immigrant. That’s what ‘immigration reform’ is really about. It’s nothing more than an excuse to ensure that the entitlement state is safe for those who would never be able to make it in America without an entitlement state ‘ and to pretend that it’s not what we’re doing.

I’m not suggesting that all, or even most, of the immigrants seeking to gain entry to America are as bad as Obama and his cohorts are counting on them to be. I have no way of knowing what motivates each of them as individuals. What I do know is that Obama seeks to foster and institutionalize dependence, because with dependence on government comes power for government officials. And it’s power that Obama and people like him are after—since it’s all they have to offer.

The debates over ‘immigration reform’ are worse than a charade. Republicans grasp even better than Democrats that it’s an exercise in evasion. By ‘debating’ over how soon, or in what way, to allow immigrants into the country—a perfectly legitimate concern for a free country—we don’t have to think about what kind of country we have created for those immigrants to enter.

The motive of Democrats is clear, and it’s the only motive that matters since Democrats and leftists are the only ones who ever control the agenda in this country. Their motive is to ensure that we gain as many immigrants as possible, as quickly as possible, so that even more will be dependent on government for livelihood than ever before.

It’s a moral and psychological sickness of wishing others to be dependent, so that they can be ruled. It’s a sickness mostly afflicting white, wealthy leftists who dominate the Democratic Party, and who—in the name of a self-conscious ‘morality’—are ensuring that those they make dependent will never be able to stand on their own.

Most immigrants probably still come to America seeking the opportunity that can only come from self-responsibility and self-determination. Obama and the rest of the politicians are systematically destroying those very things.


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