Fire Speaker Boehner

The fact that there’s even a debate among Republicans about replacing their House Speaker, John Boehner, shows just how deeply conflicted and troubled this party is.

Let’s review the facts. Speaker John Boehner, after two years of promising to never raise taxes, to cut spending every week and to never implement Obamacare, completely reverses himself after the election. He declares that Obamacare is now the ‘law of the land,’ that Republicans must get used to spending as we know it, and that tax increases are inevitable.

He uses the last election as an excuse for his overnight, 180-degree reversals. But the last election also resulted in House Republicans still controlling the nation’s purse strings. No money can be spent, and no debt limit can be raised, without the consent of the House of Representatives.

Imagine if Obama had acted like Boehner after his defeat in the Congressional elections back in 2010. Imagine if Obama had said, ‘OK. I guess we’ll have to lower taxes and start to cut spending. And maybe Obamacare wasn’t such a good idea.’

It’s laughable. It’s inconceivable. Leftists do not ever back down. Nonleftists (at least Republicans) always do.

Boehner went to Obama with an offer to raise taxes on the wealthy in exchange for spending cuts. Even most Democratic presidents would have accepted, because they know full well that spending cuts never have and never will happen. Under both Democrats and Republicans, spending increases are all that ever happen, regardless of what happens with taxes.

Not good enough for Obama, though. He’s so far off the scale of the left, so haughty and so arrogant and so above everything (reality included) that he doesn’t even want to be seen as ‘negotiating’ with the hapless twits like Speaker John Boehner who plead with him for a crumb of mercy.

Unlike Boehner and Republicans, Obama understands morality. Yes, he’s on the wrong side. Obama is the bad guy, for sure. But there are no good guys to stand up to him, not in our nation’s capital.

Watching Republicans tremble and fear debate over whether they should dump this idiot Speaker is kind of like witnessing an abused spouse try to pretend that all is really nice and wonderful, and let’s please have a Merry Christmas and act like we all love one another. The absurdity is too much to watch, at times.

The root of this problem is always the same: Leftists and socialist Democrats, while wrong, have a moral spine; Republicans have no moral spine. A ‘moral spine’ refers to the conviction that you know you are right, and why, and you’re therefore able and willing to hold consistently firm to your convictions. This is true whether you’re in the majority, or whether you’re literally the last man standing.

Republicans have the moral equivalent of erectile dysfunction. They’re crippled by false ideas of religion, which among other things teaches us to ‘turn the other cheek,’ love your enemies, and give selflessly while never enjoying a life of your own for your own sake.

Leftists pay lip service to these false religious ideas, while using them to their own power-lusting advantage. It’s the way they swindle a majority of Americans into buying their economy-eroding and wealth-destroying policies, even though that same majority usually claims to oppose those policies.

However, Republicans can offer us no alternative. They can’t fight for lower taxes on everyone — including the most well-off — because they’ve already accepted the idea that life on earth is less important than the afterlife, and the good of others transcends the good of the individual. They can’t oppose Obamacare when Obamacare assumes that the talents and efforts of doctors are the property of society (meaning: the government), while Republicans sternly insist that the purpose of government is to spread God’s will on the planet.

Earth to Republicans: According to every major religion, ‘God’s will’ always refers to the good of others over the good of the individual. Churches, when given political power, are no less socialist than the secular social Democrats who rule us now. If we’re honest about it, religion is no more supportive of freedom than Obama’s twenty-first century version of postmodern fascism-communism.

This is why whenever it comes time to assert anything even remotely oppositional to the high tax, productive-gobbling policies of the socialist Democratic establishment, Republicans are literally impotent. Their economic theories lack moral conviction because their very own morality refutes their theories at the starting gate.

That’s why the cowardly and wobbly John Boehners and John McCains fell faster than dominos after the last election. It’s almost as if they were relieved they could finally admit the truth, that they don’t have the moral or intellectual spine to fight against Big Government, or for much of anything, on principle. And frankly, career politicians that they are, they prefer not to do so. Life in Washington D.C., for them, is not a bad job—if you can get it.

As for the Tea Party, where are they in all this? Silent. Silenced by what? By their own religious assumptions and premises, ones completely at odds with capitalism, individual rights, and the secular right of the individual to be free. They’re just as impotent as the establishment career politicians they came to town to overtake.

Of course John Boehner must go. But the fact that there’s even a momentary question about it reveals why the Republican Party, as we’ve known it, is truly finished.


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