Mother Government (Part 2)

Conclusion of yesterday’s column.

The nanny state authorities create (and rely upon) the myth that some are invulnerable. Those who are ‘the rich,’ who have a seemingly unlimited amount of wealth, will pay for it all. All that’s necessary is to take a little, tiny bit of that wealth away from them, to guarantee that you’ll never have to face life alone. What could be wrong with that?

The beneficiaries of wealth redistribution pay no mind to the fact that it’s legalized theft, and they reward their benefactors with continued votes. What they fail to acknowledge, and refuse to see, is that they’re being made into helpless, dependent creatures who sooner or later will be forced to sail on their own. They’re also counting on the ‘invulnerable rich’ to never rebel against it, and to never stop producing.

In psychology, there’s a term called ‘codependent relationships.’ A codependent relationship is a sick one. In a codependent relationship, one partner psychologically ‘needs’ the other partner to be weak or sick, in some way. If the weak partner starts to become strong, self-reliant and self-confident, the codependent partner feels threatened or abandoned.

Perversely, the one partner ‘loves’ the other only as a sick or vulnerable person, and actually takes steps to ensure that person stays weak or sick—all in the name of ‘love’!

This is the very mentality of the government entitlement nanny welfare state. The politicians and the bureaucrats (along with the Ivy League university professors and others who endorse it all) are the ones who need the masses to be sick and vulnerable, for their own personal and likely twisted reasons.

However, they’re counting on enough people in the population to be strong enough to carry it all. They’re counting on the strong to remain willing, and able, to carry the load for an ever-growing number of sick, frail and vulnerable people.

Like codependent marriages and relationships, this cannot end well—both in theory and in practice. The numbers alone will inevitably defeat it, because you can’t create an endless number of dependents in an entitlement state where a hated rich few finance the whole thing. And government borrowing, $16 trillion and counting, is unsustainable as well, according to even the government’s own economists.

Codependence either ends badly or it ends in rational correction of unhealthy ideas in both partners and a new beginning (and then only in a few, rare cases).

But anyone who ‘loves,’ and in the process of that love counts on the continued weakness of the object of that love, will, intentionally or not, eventually destroy the object of that love.

That’s what America’s leaders are doing to the people and the people are, for the most part, allowing it to happen.

It’s easy to find and create more fearful people. But wealth is scarcer than people realize, and as the economy stops growing it becomes even more scarce. Our current economic growth barely registers, and this is dangerous for a society accustomed to significant growth from one decade to the next. Sooner or later the few who are capable (and not overcome by fear) will themselves become vulnerable, or perhaps simply resentful. And that will be the end of the whole sorry show.

Case in point: As of late 2012, American industry is reportedly ‘sitting on’ billions of dollars in wealth. They’re not producing or creating jobs, as they might. And why should they? The largely bipartisan Mother Government has made very clear its intention to use such future wealth for the sake of its never-ending expansion of government programs. American business is, in a passive-aggressive kind of way, shrugging off this burden and biding its time until perhaps a more pro-freedom government philosophy (in action, not only words) comes along.

It’s all playing out today in American society, right before our very eyes. America was the place were genuine freedom began. It may also be the place where socialism plays out its final act. Republicans are generally the handmaidens of the Democratic Party’s agenda, so it doesn’t matter (fundamentally) which party is in power, at least not over the longer run. Sadly, it seems somehow fitting that this great drama of human experience reaches its climax on the American stage.


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