Why America is More Vulnerable Than Ever

A strong country militarily and defense-wise presupposes a strong country economically.

Simply put: There is no way to fund a system of defense without a strong, vibrant private economy.

A strong and vibrant economy presupposes rational economic policies. Rational economic polices in the present era would include: Cutting taxes across the board; cutting or eliminating government expenses outside of defense; setting Medicare and Social Security not on a voucher system, but on a course to eventual privatization; and privatizing education, specifically shutting down the federal Department of Education as soon as possible. Most government agencies like the EPA or FDA should go, saving not only money but allowing the private economy to actually breathe once again. Trillions and trillions of dollars in government spending should be cut, and the private economy allowed to once again thrive and grow.

Since government does not create economic growth, but hampers it, these policies would likely lead to growth rates closer to 4-8 percent a year, compared to the 0 to 1 percent a year we have now.

Rational economic policies presuppose a society where the vast majority of people yearn for freedom and do not loathe or dread the self-responsibility associated with it. Similarly, rational economic polices presuppose a political and intellectual establishment which supports self-responsibility and freedom for all, in the context of a limited government.

Events like 9/11 would never happen if all of these conditions were present. Terrorists would know it’s pointless to attack a self-confident and thriving society. They might want to do so, but they would not get very far. And even if they succeeded, the retaliation would be swift and massive, using the full force of the nation’s military capacity. After 9/11, that never happened.

Today’s Islamic terrorists are simply picking up on the weakness they accurately sense in the United States. They know the United States will not fight back. Under Obama, this is particularly so, but George W. Bush left the real enemy — Iran, the #1 sponsor of world terrorism — alone just as Obama does now. Bush called Islam ‘a religion of peace’ and Obama behaves as if he actually believes it.

America is weak, and its enemies know it.

America is weak militarily, because despite being the world’s only superpower (for now), there is no possibility whatsoever we would ever retaliate with our full use of force. Not under Obama, and probably not under any Republican president, either.

Our enemies know we’re weak because they can see our refusal to let our economy grow and instead huddle in fear for our next Social Security check or Medicare payment.

We are weak and vulnerable militarily because we are weak economically, and weak morally. Not all of us, but—sad to say—the vast majority of the culture. The best proof of this is the fact that Obama is slightly favored for reelection, according to polls and Electoral College analyses.

The question is not: Why haven’t most flocked to Mitt Romney? Romney is a cautious candidate for the most part, who does not offer any coherent or specific alternative. But this should make it easier, if anything, for a vast majority of people to reject Obama in favor of Romney. While the election has yet to happen, it’s remarkable that there’s even a question about 70 percent of the nation being ready to throw Obama out. The race is 50-50, at best. Obama could win. It’s a sign of something more deeply wrong with most Americans.

The Islamofascists who sponsor and inspire most of the world’s terrorism may be irrational, but they accurately sense what I’m saying. They can literally see and smell the weakness of the pathetic sleeping giant they so wish to destroy. Right now, this sleeping giant is consumed by concerns over economics, and preparing to keep sacrificing even more liberty for the sake of that elusive and impossible security.

For the most part, Americans are presently talking about how to regenerate economic growth without facing hard facts about why the government is bankrupt and debt-ridden almost beyond conception.

To the outside—even to an uneducated, violent and irrational outside, such as terrorists—America is weak, unsure, and therefore more ripe for attack than ever. The leftists who run our government and culture are always quick to blame America for bringing these attacks on themselves. In a bizarre and twisted way—certainly not the way the leftists mean to imply—this is true.

America brings attack on itself by being weak. The weakness starts within each individual. Not every individual, but far too many. Without such weakness of character within so many, a ‘President Obama’—or a President Bush, for that matter—would never have been possible. That’s why we are where we are. Bad presidents are a symptom of a messed up population. The people must fix themselves if they’re ever to get better leaders.


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