The Democratic Party Platform, In a Nutshell

1) Jobs are created by regulating businesses;

2) Wealth is created by increasing taxes;

3) Racism and sexism are bad — except when promoted by Islamic fundamentalists, for whom we must show reverence and respect;

4) Food stamps and other government handouts create jobs;

5) To oppose the half-black Obama is racist–why else would anyone oppose his polices?

6) Quantity over quality: Health care for all trumps quality health care as we’ve known it;

7) Equal poverty for all trumps an always growing economy where people are unequally rich;

8) Gas prices are rising and we’re dependent on toxic dictatorships in the Middle East for our fuel; therefore, we should not drill for oil anywhere in or around the U.S, not ever;

9) You built it? We made it — and we take it.

10) Disagree with any of this? Then shut the hell up!!


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