America’s Fascist Economy

Politicians and intellectuals are always talking about how businesses ‘should’ act, for the supposed sake of the greater good.

The notion that businesses operate and make decisions only with the consent of the government is known as fascism. There are already many fascist elements in our so-called capitalist society, and Republicans advocate these policies almost as much as Democrats do.

Fascist policies lead to inefficiency and bureaucracy in business. The more a business has to check with the government for compliance before making decisions, the less efficient the business will be at doing what it does.

People get mad, especially in the United States, when businesses don’t perform efficiently. Do they ever stop to wonder how much this inefficiency might be the fault of the government? Government is always seen as the solution, but never the problem.

Fascist policies are also expensive. The more a business is forced to comply with decisions against its own financial interest, the more it will have to cut jobs. We all know the employment numbers continue to be wretched. It’s assumed that this is due to either too little ‘liberalism’ of Barack Obama or too much ‘conservatism’ of Republicans, whatever those terms mean.

The real cause: Too much fascism. Fascism hurts businesses whether carried out by Republicans or Democrats. It Mitt Romney wins, he’s going to have to prove he’s different, and that he will do everything in his power to get the federal government the hell out of the way of business.

It’s also assumed that if conservatives hadn’t cut taxes on the private sector, then the private sector would somehow be creating more jobs; how or why this is the case is never explained. (Will somebody who holds this view please explain it to me?) If tax increases are the answer, then why don’t we gradually raise taxes to 100 percent so the economy may boom as never before? Saying or implying that tax increases are good for the economy would be like claiming, ‘People are more productive and work harder if more of their income is taken away from them, rather than less.’

Both parties talk about ‘creating’ more jobs, even though no politician has ever created a job in his life; only a business can do this. Even if the government develops make-work projects, as Franklin Delano Roosevelt did during the New Deal and our government still does to a degree today, such as in the failed 2009 economic ‘stimulus’ plan, these make-work jobs can only be created with money obtained through taxation. The money came from the people who earned it. The politicians are merely taking the money, redistributing it and taking the credit for it.

To those who are unemployed due to the lack of available jobs, does it ever occur to them that fascism might be the culprit? That piling more regulations upon regulations, as Obama advocates, will only make the capacity of a business to earn a profit (and therefore hire more people) even more difficult?

Granted, Obama can sit in the Oval Office and intimidate companies into doing what he (who has never owned a business in his life) think they should do. This will make a lot of people feel good, and I know it makes Barack Obama and other fascists feel particularly good, strong and powerful. But since when is catering to the neurotic or toxic needs of damaged people the purpose of the American Constitution?

If it’s in the economic interest of a company to do something (or not do something), and the government prevents a company from acting in its own interest, then the government has lowered that company’s profits. So how is the company to hire more people if the government has lowered its profits—perhaps even put it out of business? It’s important to understand the Republicans and Democrats are pretty equally fascist. Romney, if he wins, is free to alter this course, but it would be the first time in recent memory if he did so.

The only economic policy that typically distinguishes conservative fascists from liberal fascists is that conservatives sometimes pass (temporary) tax cuts. The economy actually improves, for a time, after dramatic tax cuts as we saw in the 1980s and briefly after the Clinton capital gains tax cut and the George W. Bush temporary income tax cuts of the early 2000s.

However, businesses are still encumbered by a myriad of regulations with the threat of more all the time. Obamacare extends these regulations to all of health care now, as well. Mind you, these regulations are not merely prohibitions against outright fraud, as any government should enforce. These regulations are simply the demands of a politician who feels that a business should be run differently from the way it currently is—for strictly political reasons (i.e. sacrificing one sector of society for the sake of another), and reasons having nothing whatsoever to do with the proper and healthy functioning of a business.

The most important thing to understand about fascist policies is that they are immoral. Human beings have an inherent right, due to their objective nature as beings who survive by the use of rational, self-responsible thought and action, to run their lives as they see fit. They don’t have a right to harm anybody physically, and they don’t have a right to commit fraud. But they do have a right to develop a big company and practice the policies they judge best-suited for their survival, and to pay for their own mistakes made along the way. Individuals have no less right, morally, to do this than they do to choose the type of career they want to have, what clothes or food to buy, whom to marry, and how to spend their free time.

Your rights don’t cease the moment you decide to operate a business, or the moment you make enough money to have earned the title ‘successful.’ Freedom does not apply only when Barack Obama, Mitt Romney (or any other politician) thinks it’s convenient. Freedom applies all the time.

Anything less than this principle in practice leads to the growth of economic fascism, and ultimately the elimination of all rights in what was once a free society. For evidence, look at America where it stands just now. We’re currently a ‘soft fascist’ nation. Absent a complete course reversal and soon, hard fascism—including all the restrictions on more immediately personal liberties—is on the way. Why? Because no economy can survive the growth of economic fascism, and no society with a collapsed economy will remain otherwise free for long.


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