Enough of Thin-Skinned America!

“When did we get it in our heads that we have the right to never hear anything we don’t like?

 In the last year, we’ve been shocked and appalled by the unbelievable insensitivity of

Nike shoes, the Fighting Sioux, Hank Williams Jr., Cee Lo Green, Ashton Kutcher, Tracy Morgan, Don Imus, Kirk Cameron, Gilbert Gottfried, the Super Bowl halftime show and the ESPN guys who used the wrong clichfor Jeremy Lin after everyone else used all the others. Who can keep up?

 If it weren’t for throwing conniption fits, we wouldn’t get any exercise at all.

I have a better idea. Let’s have an amnesty — from the left and the right — on every made-up, fake, totally insincere, placated hurt, insult, slight and affront. Let’s make this Sunday the National Day of No Outrage. One day a year when you will not find some tiny thing someone did or said and pretend you can barely continue functioning until they apologize.

If that doesn’t work, what about this: If you see or hear something you don’t like in the media, just go on with your life.”

— Bill Maher, writing in The New York Times 3/21/12


Often a partisan leftist twit, Bill Maher got it right on this point.



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