They Think Obama’s “Nice,” But Leftism Isn’t a Nice Philosophy

Associated Press reports that Barack Obama risks his widespread “likeability” by launching a negative ad barrage against Republicans, full of personal attacks.

Actually, a negative ad campaign filled with personal attacks against Mitt Romney and others is logically consistent with leftism as we know it. Leftism is one of the meanest philosophical and ideological approaches there is.

Leftists are known for lecturing people on the need to be tolerant and they preach against “hatred.” This is nothing more than the psychological phenomenon of projection. Projection involves seeing in others what isn’t necessarily there, but is present in oneself. Leftism positively reeks with hatred.

Think about it. Leftism is the ideology of Big Government. It’s the philosophy of, “There ought to be a law.” People are too fat? Make a law. Compel people to eat differently. Compel food manufacturers to make different kinds of food.

People smoke? Tax tobacco into oblivion. And while you’re at it, use it as an opportunity to spread hatred of profit, corporate “greed” and free-market capitalism.

A psychopath shoots up a movie theater? Take away nonviolent people’s guns. Take away people’s only means of defending themselves, by punishing the innocent for the crimes of the guilty. And go easy on the guilty. Going easy on criminals provides leftists a chance to say, “See? We’re compassionate.” Yet it’s the innocent they’re hard on, while it’s the most guilty they give a free pass.

It’s the same with foreign policy. Rank the dangerous threats to the U.S. from least to greatest. Nearly every foreign policy expert agrees Iran is the greatest threat. Iran gets cut the most slack, by the President and by other leftists. Why? Because they hate the way America has been — confident and strong. Not perfect, and not dictatorial, either. Just confident and strong, and usually a winner. Leftists cannot stand that about America, and they seek to bring it down a notch — or ten. This is hatred. It’s the hatred they project onto their opponents, but it’s really the hatred they feel towards things that rational people cherish. One has to wonder: Does a leftist hate him- or herself for living in a country whose founding ideals and principles he or she so hates?

Leftism is the philosophy of coercion. Does Obamacare liberalize the free market? Does it expand health savings accounts? No, it restricts them. Does it allow individuals and businesses the opportunity to buy health insurance across state lines, thereby creating at least a little bit of a free and competitive market? No way. This proposal was blocked, and will continue to be blocked by leftists. Medicare is clearly going bankrupt, and Medicaid is putting state budgets under. Any attempt to privatize these programs, at least for the next generation? No. Instead, Obamacare seeks to cut Medicare while expanding Medicaid for the masses. Less health care for seniors and less health care for nonseniors. Why? Because leftists prefer compulsion over competition.

Freedom of choice in medicine? Leftists claim to be for freedom of choice in abortion, and sex among consenting adults. But their love of choice ends right there. Instead of freedom of choice in medicine, all Americans and their doctors will be subject to a National Health Board. “Please, please Senator, let me have this surgery. I know budgets are tight and the quota has been met. But I want to live.” It’s ideological S&M. Leftists get off on having power over others. This way, they can reward those whom they favor and punish those they deem incorrect in some way.

Leftism is an ideology of hatred and compulsion. Majorities who say, via polls, that they don’t approve of Obama’s policies but they “like” him personally are evading the obvious: That someone capable of these policies could not be a likable person. People wonder, “How can he engage in such a negative campaign when he seems to be such a nice guy?” He’s not a nice guy. That’s the point. His policies and his underlying ideology of hard, stony leftism prove it.

I’m not suggesting that everyone who votes for Obama is mean. Frankly, they are in their politics, but not necessarily in other areas of life. I’m also not denying that Republicans do many of the same things, if only on a smaller scale. But anyone who denies that leftism as we know it is anything other than brute-force coercion masked as “smiley face” pseudo-compassion is really being foolish and ignorant.

Look at it this way. If you’re a nice person, you’d never rob your neighbor’s bank account to take money for yourself or even someone else you deem needy. You’d never call someone’s doctor and say they’re less deserving of medical care than someone else. You’d never break into someone’s house and steal their gun, if they were using it for self-protection. You’d never steal any of their land, in the name of environmental beauty. You’d never tell them what kind of car to buy, or how much gas to use. You’d never call the police and shut down their business because they didn’t hire enough people of the color or gender you think they should hire.

Presumably, many people who vote for leftists would never dream of doing any of these things. But they routinely support elected leaders in doing these kinds of things, and even worse, every single day.

At what point do people start to be held responsible for their actions and their viewpoints? Leftists, Obama included, get a free pass. They self-importantly wear the mantle of “compassion” and freedom while their actions and beliefs, in no way, embody either of these things.


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