America Doesn’t Have to Self-Destruct

Dick Morris, former advisor to President Bill Clinton, said: ‘We have to realize that the United States Congress cut off aid to Egypt. It ruled that there should be no more aid unless Congress released the funds. And then [Secretary of State] Hillary Clinton unilaterally released the funds despite the congressional prohibition on doing so. So she deserves all the tomatoes she gets thrown at her, but they should be throwing flowers instead.’

Clinton’s treatment by the Egyptians shows the futility of appeasement.

When you appease someone who hates you, they will only hate you more. When somebody you hate shows weakness, you only hate them more.

Our current State Department, like the last one, refuses to understand the nature of Muslim hatred against the United States. This hatred is not for any kind of valid or objective reason. It’s a prejudice. Just like a Ku Klux Klansman who hates blacks, or a redneck who hates and wants to kill gays, the militant Muslims who dominate that part of the world hate Americans simply because they are Americans. They blame America for their problems, because America has been more successful than they have been. They’d rather blame America than blame themselves for their stagnation, poverty and despair.

That’s why there’s no diplomatic solution to the problem of the Middle East, and there never will be. Obama’s Secretary of State can ignore Congress and release all the taxpayer funds she wants, all the while thinking, ‘They’ll like us if we just do something nice for them.’ Based on Obama’s own words, he wants to apologize for the United States’ very existence. He believes the United States has been wrong about most things, especially involving Muslims in the Middle East. He thinks that by appeasing them he can start to win them over.

This only makes matters worse. You cannot fight irrational, prejudicial hatred with reason—or with dollars. It’s no more effective to try and appease militant Muslims than it would be for a black person to go to a Ku Klux Klan meeting, in the American South of the 1930s, and say, ‘Let’s make a deal.’ The poor black person would be lynched before he had a chance. That’s how prejudice works.

If anything, there’s even LESS of a chance that appeasement can work with Muslims in the Middle East. Their hatred is more than racial. It’s metaphysical. White racists hate blacks because they’re black. Hitler hated Jews because they were Jewish. That’s irrational enough. But militant Muslims hate Americans because they are seen as ungodly Infidels. This is not a secular hatred, but a much more all-encompassing one. There has probably never been anything like it ever seen before on the planet. The potential for destruction from all this hatred is mind-boggling, probably beyond what any of us now grasp.

I understand what Dick Morris is saying about how ‘they should be throwing flowers’ at Hillary Clinton, because she’s trying to be their friend. But to hateful Muslims, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are no less infidels than the members of Congress who tried to cut off their funds. To such a mentality, Americans must die. The weaker we get, the more they want to kill us. Strength—and I’m talking massive strength here—is the only thing they will ever fear or respect, on any level. Why don’t we start by ending socialist programs and beginning the restoration of free market capitalism in the United States? Economic growth would do wonders for our military strength and respect by others who fear and loathe us.

You can’t negotiate with someone who views the very idea of negotiation as heresy. People like Clinton and Obama are considered the smartest people alive, at least by our cultural elites. But how in the world can they not be smart enough to see how obvious this is?

There’s nothing that militant Muslims in the Middle East want from Americans, other than our complete and total destruction. They don’t merely want us to get out of their countries, as Ron Paul claims. They quite literally want us dead, and our very way of life destroyed along with it. 9/11 obviously wasn’t enough to convince most people of this, but the next attack, whatever form it takes, will possibly drive the point home.

It seems like we live in a time where there’s a race going on. Will Americans first succeed at destroying ourselves by ruining our economy through reckless spending and unending interference with the private, productive sector of the economy? Or will something get us from the outside first, such as another terrorist attack like 9/11, only worse?

Your guess is as good as mine.

The Roman Empire slowly collapsed due to a combination of invasions from the outside and economic and moral decay from within. The United States is currently on the same path. Only the people can reverse it. Sadly, at the moment, precious few are paying attention.


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