Obama Has “More Work to Do”? Please God, No!!

The latest economic numbers are not looking good. It’s becoming harder for Obama to fudge them.

Obama’s response? He says “we’ve still got a lot of work to do.”

More work to do? What exactly does Obama plan to DO that he hasn’t already done? We are more than $15 TRILLION in debt. Does he plan to take us up to $30 trillion in debt? Or $100 trillion?

Obama has nationalized medicine. He has all but outlawed the private health insurance industry, by making it impossible for these companies to make a profit. Either they will go out of business completely, thanks to ObamaCare, or they will serve only an elite few who can afford it. The private market is as good as gone. Ditto for doctors, who will be forced to either charge patients fee for service — a tiny minority of the population — or send all their bills (and pleas for medical care for their patients) to the government.

Medicine now belongs to the government. Education already did. The banking industry is so heavily regulated that it now belongs to the government. The lesson of the bailout was that whenever mortgage companies make bad decisions, they know they’re going to be bailed out. In exchange, the government gets to tell the major financial lenders what to do. What more can Obama do? He has what all liberals and socialists want.

The American automobile industry is more regulated than ever. Automobile and other government-protected unions set the policy more than any chief executive officer ever will again. This was very much the case before Obama, but thanks to the Obama administration, labor unions — run by corrupt, politically connected Bosses — now rule. What else is there to do?

Taxes on business were already too high. If they weren’t, the economy would not have been in such trouble in the first place. Obama says taxes must go higher. His colleagues in Congress talk of a Value Added Tax, or some other kind of national sales tax, not to take care of the deficit but to fund ever-more government social programs.

In a budget deal passed last year, set to go into effect next January, the Pentagon will face draconian cuts. America is in danger of becoming a second-rate power. Obama blames the Republicans for this, but all the Republicans demand are tiny, pathetic decreases in the rate of increase in federal spending. Because Obama won’t even give in on these, the Pentagon must be cut. It’s not that the Pentagon should be above getting cuts, but defense is one of the few obligations of government specified in the Constitution. Most of the other Cabinet departments are not. Why are we cutting one of the only things that is actually and Constitutionally valid? Still, this is what anti-military liberals like Obama have always wanted. They’re likely to get it, come January.

That’s the interesting thing about this Presidential campaign. The economy is no better off than it was when Obama took office. In fact, by most standards it’s worse. Unemployment went “down” a little bit, only if you stop counting people who have permanently given up looking for a job. Yet Obama brags about a “recovery.” He makes almost no specific proposals for what he’s going to do in a second term. He seems to think that the success of the first term speaks for itself. What success? And what’s he going to do that he hasn’t yet done to us?

Obama’s function is that of the foreman on a wrecking ball crew. He took a damaged and hampered American economy and has almost brought it to a standstill. A private, capitalist economy should be growing at 4, 6 or 8 percent a year — not the barely 1 percent we currently eke out. By American standards, this is a standstill. Yes, this major downturn started under the Big Government policies of George W. Bush. But Bush is long gone, and Obama has followed Bush with even Bigger Government policies. What does that prove? Big Government got us the Bush recession, and even Bigger Government got us the permanent Obama recession. How does this make the case for still Bigger Government? Is this what Obama means by more “work” to do?! Say it isn’t so!

A vote for Obama is a vote for continued destruction of the private economy and the foundations of capitalism, private property and individual rights upon which it once stood. A bumper sticker I saw said it best. This isn’t an election. It’s a restraining order.