“It’s for your own good.”

Dear Dr. Hurd:

I am not black. I am the granddaughter and great granddaughter of Russian and Romanian immigrants (LEGAL). I honestly don’t understand where black people are coming from in their unqualified support of Barack Obama. Why do they now feel they’re free? I’m being serious here. I’m not trying to be a smart ass. I honestly don’t understand where this is coming from. There have been many successful black people in recent (and even not so recent) history. Why do some black people want to keep racism and victimization alive? I honestly don’t understand. Why is it only now, with a half white man in the Oval Office, that black people feel vindicated and will now have more justice?

When will there be a Jewish President?

When will there be an Asian President?

When will there be a woman President?

When will there be a fat President?

I could go on and on.

Maybe I should talk to a black person. But I am guessing that if I did speak with a black person, he or she may say, ‘I don’t get it either.’ I’ve heard a few black people say that. One black man actually said that he no longer feels sorry for anybody who keeps him- or herself as a victim with that ‘poor me’ attitude, with their hands out for the ‘gimme, gimme, gimme’ they have come to love and expect from the government. Now, with Obama in office 4 years and possibly 4 more, they have no excuse. Your thoughts, please??

Dr. Hurd replies:

The real victimizers are the politicians, preachers and professors who try to keep all black people helpless and dependent in their outlook.

Many of the worst offenders in this regard are white ‘liberal’ politicians. They are keeping today’s blacks (and others) in invisible chains, through the metaphorical slavery of emotional and financial dependence.

Of course, this can’t be done without a person’s consent. That’s my point. Today’s socialists and liberals strive to help people be dependent on them. Why? Because they want power. They need to be needed, because need, deprivation and dependence translate into political power for them. And political power turns them on.

Remember the character of Marie Barone on the popular sitcom ‘Everybody Loves Raymond?’ She loved it when her grown sons got sick. Why? Because it gave her a chance to be needed. On the show, it was hilarious, but in reality it’s truly sick. She needed her sons to be ill in order for her to feel like her life had a productive purpose. Now: Imagine Marie Barone with loaded guns, and with the full force of the IRS, the Pentagon, and every state and local government on her side. This is a frightening, powerful and destructive combination. Yet it’s where we are.

The rationalization of our government differs little from the interfering Marie Barone. “It’s for your own good.”

And these patently codependent power lusters will get their way, until the great majority of people rise up against them—either at the ballot box (while free speech and free elections are still legal), or somewhere further down the road, as happened with the first American Revolution.

I hold the politicians and other ‘leaders’ in the ‘civil rights’ movements and elsewhere just about as responsible as the ones who demand handouts from the government.

Without the Republicans as we always knew them, trying to be good little Democratic socialists, there would be no President Obama. Remember something else: Most Americans don’t want socialism. Not really. They want government policies that will lead to maximum economic productivity and security. Socialism cannot and will never deliver these. If 55 percent, or 90 percent, wanted socialism for its own sake—economic comfort and prosperity be damned—then we’d be finished. We’re not yet finished, because nearly everyone wants the right things. They just don’t know how to best achieve them. Or, they think we can have the entitlement state and still be economically prosperous.

It’s kind of like an alcoholic saying, ‘I can still drink. I’ll just moderate.’ America is more hooked on politically seized money than any alcoholic is on alcohol. Moderation will not get us out of this mess.

Nothing will change until there’s a sweeping and sustained change in the hearts and the minds of the people. At a minimum, a 53 percent majority (the number who voted for Obama the first time) must become convinced there’s no other way to go except towards freedom, capitalism and individual rights.

I’d love it if most had become convinced of this by 2009, or 2012. It didn’t happen. Things are very likely going to get worse before there’s a chance to start making them better. But at least they’ll falter and fail on the socialists’ watch, and not on the watch of those who claimed to be advocates of capitalism and freedom (but were never any such thing).

Obama has nothing to run on, other than, “The economy may be no better but at least I’m virtuous.” Anyone who actually believes this deserves the worse economic conditions we’re going to get under his rule.