Obama’s Supposed “Empathy” Will Not Pay the Bills

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll shows that 54 percent of Americans disapprove of President Barack Obama’s handling of the economy, while only 44 percent approve.

At the same time, 49 percent of respondents said Obama better understands people’s economic problems, while 37 percent chose Romney.

Now wait a minute. How can somebody think that Obama is mishandling the economy, while “understanding” their economic problems?

If your house was on fire, and the fireman showed up with gasoline to put out your fire, all the while “meaning well” and shedding tears for your tragedy — would you give him credit for anything?

This gets to the heart of why our country is in so much trouble. A majority of Americans clearly understand that Obama’s polices are no good. 55 percent is landslide territory. If everyone who thinks Obama’s polices are bad voted against him (just against him — not even necessarily for his opponent) in November, it would be a political blowout.

But as it stands, Obama is just as likely as not to win in November. In fact, he’s slightly favored to win. Why is this? “Because he understands me.” Sickening.

Other polls have showed a huge gender gap, especially in battleground states, where women favor Obama over a Republican opponent by double digit margins. Perhaps a majority of these women are not thrilled with his economic policies. After all, things are not getting better. But no matter. “He cares” is all that matters, at least to them.

Earth to everyone: Caring is not the solution. Competence is the solution. If someone knows how to solve a problem, then this means he cares about the right things — knowing what’s true, and what makes sense. No, I’m far from suggesting that Mitt Romney has any more of a clue than Obama. But Obama has to be rejected. If he’s reelected, then you’re endorsing everything that he’s doing.

Think of going to a doctor. If you have a choice between a doctor who you know will botch the surgery, but has a nice manner and a gentle tone, will you still let him anywhere near your body? No way. If there’s a competing doctor with a harsh tone, but a reputation for competence, you’d pick him hands down over the “nice” one. I consider competent people the best and nicest people to know. Sure, I prefer nice mannerisms over harsh ones. But matters of style don’t even come close to matters of substance.

What is wrong with people? How can it even be tempting to choose style over substance? Especially when 55 percent of you don’t even think the man currently in office knows what he’s doing?

I don’t mean for one second to imply that I think Obama is nice. I don’t think he even wins on style. He strikes me as the most undeserving and arrogant President to ever occupy the Oval Office in all of my lifetime, and perhaps all of American history. Regardless of ideology, he did nothing whatsoever to ever earn the job. What on earth is there to like about him? But that gets to the deeper issue. It’s not possible for me to divorce “liking” from competence. If I know somebody is incompetent, and is quite literally throwing gasoline on a fire, there’s no way I can like, respect or want anything at all to do with him. This is true of a President, an airplane pilot I’m going to place my trust in, or just about any other kind of association imaginable. What’s there to like about somebody who isn’t smart or capable?

People can be incompetent at something, but still decent. If Obama were a decent man, he’d at least step aside and admit, “I guess I don’t have the answers to our economic problems.” There’s not a snowball’s chance in hell of that happening. This man’s face is the image beside the word when you look up the definition of ‘arrogant’ in the dictionary. Often, the people who know the least are the ones who are the most stubborn about doing the most damage they can possibly inflict. This is because they’ll sacrifice anything and anyone in order to avoid being seen as wrong. Obama knows his policies are not helping, but he doesn’t care. We have to pretend along with him, and help him in his self-delusion…at our own peril!

It’s bad enough that 44 percent of the country actually approves of Obama’s wrecking ball approach to the economy, not to mention his systematic erosion of liberty, freedom, individual rights and the two century-old separation of powers that used to be known as the American system of government. I can’t fathom why that many people think he’s remotely tolerable, much less “approve” of him. I understand even less why the majority who know Obama’s an idiot will still vote to send him back for a second term.