Why Feminism is Bad For Women

In reality, the technological advances in Western civilization have rendered obsolete any previous need for men and women to have a rigidly distinguished division of labor or any distinction based upon physical strength. As Western society has become more rational (thanks to technology, science and free enterprise), the degree of freedom individual women possess for realizing their intellectual potential has increased exponentially.

Rationality, logic and science have made the world a better place for women, especially since physical prowess becomes less important in a politically free, scientific culture. Women who today enjoy unfettered advancement in the careers of their choice should thank science and economic freedom—not feminist intellectuals’ relentless attacks against masculinity, rationality and free enterprise.

If militant feminists really want to help improve the lives of individual women, they ought to be the strongest proponents of capitalism and rationality. Instead, they downplay and even belittle the very values of reason and technology that make any form of liberation possible in the first place.

Dr. Michael Hurd, writing in “Bad Therapy Good Therapy: And How to Tell the Difference,” available for purchase on this website and Amazon.com.