Immigration, Obama-style reports: Illegal immigration costs Arizona $1.6 billion a year — a staggering 19 percent of the state’s budget — Gov. Jan Brewer said in an exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV, adding that the Obama administration is turning a blind eye to it since migrants will help register Democratic voters. ‘It’s unfortunate because we all know that it’s election time and they believe allowing illegal immigration to take place will help them get people registered and help them have voters out there come the election.’

This is undoubtedly true. Of course Obama wants illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants will depend on the federal government for subsistence, if the federal government offers it. That’s the whole purpose of the Democratic Party in the first place: To create dependents and enhance their own power.

But think about what this means. The Democratic Party, and its standard bearer Obama, can only survive politically if millions of people depend on them for their livelihood: Their food, their shelter, and what passes for medical care and education when run by the government.

But what does Obama depend upon, to provide all this? On a thriving and growing economy. Since Obama came into office nearly three years ago, the economy has stopped growing and thriving. This is why the deficit and national debt are exploding. This is why the credit of the American government has been downgraded for the first time in its history.

Obama cannot “help” these illegal immigrants unless he has private people to pickpocket. Sure, he can simply expand the deficit into the multiple trillions, and saddle ten future generations with debt rather than only two or three generations. But how long can this go on? At what point does he set off even worse economic consequences than we currently face?

Immigration is not the problem. The redistributive welfare-regulatory state is.

America was founded as a nation of immigrants. It’s the place where immigrants came for freedom and self-responsibility. For all I know, this may be what many of the immigrants from Mexico and elsewhere are seeking. But it’s not what they get in the America of 2011, and it’s not only because of Obama, either. Republicans and Democrats have created a welfare state so massive, and so entrenched, so self-serving and so far-reaching, that any immigrant entering the U.S. today will be awash in freebies that — to a poor immigrant especially — seem like untold riches. These freebies are paid for not by Obama or the Democrats, but by people who actually earn the money.

Socialists inevitably run out of other people’s money, as Margaret Thatcher and others have correctly claimed. But the pretense and the false sense of “obligation” remains. Governor Brewer hit the nail on the head when she exposed the motivation of Obama for what it is: Expanding the dependent class so he, and others like him, can hold onto power.

But the still unasked question is: Why don’t more Americans feel outrage that this is what our government is doing? Obama should face impeachment for his passive-aggressive refusal to enforce existing immigration laws. Bill Clinton was impeached for much less. Instead, Obama faces no opposition within his own party and will possibly win reelection next year — and you can’t blame all of this on the inadequacy of the Republicans running. One of the more conservative of Obama’s Republican challengers, Texas Governor Rick Perry, advocates the same sort of handouts to illegal immigrants that Obama endorses. He’s no different, in principle.

Americans are understandably reluctant to turn against immigration on principle. Immigration is actually practical and serves the self-interest of the nation, because it allows the best and brightest to enter. We’d be nothing without immigration. What’s killing us is a redistributive welfare state which fosters dependence. We’re deliberately attracting people who won’t fend for themselves, and instead will live off their countrymen for the rest of their lives. All this, so that career politicians like Obama, Joe Biden and Rick Perry can feel good about themselves.

America was not founded as a place to lift the self-esteem of career politicians who make others dependent on them. America started out as the land of freedom, individual rights and self-responsibility. Unless America returns to that, it’s all over.