Environmentalism and Psychology: A Marriage Made in Hell (Part 2 of 2)

Conclusion of yesterday’s column:

In fact, it’s already being enacted through executive fiat in the EPA, exactly as Obama promised if Americans dared to vote out the Democratic Congress in 2010, as they did in huge numbers.

Even if ‘cap and trade’ allows some carbon-based activity, it only allows it for the politically approved and connected. This means that the only businesses and enterprises that survive will be ones that are run the way government would run them. Now what kind of world do you think that will be? Ask anyone who lived under Communism, or anyone today who lives under fascism.

How good is all this for stress?

Will the prospect of ending life as we know it tend to alleviate problems such as depression and anxiety? Or will the terrible suffering engendered by environmentalist policies make these diagnoses irrelevant, because mental distress will be the least of the problem for those who are still managing to survive in far less comfort than before?

The psychologists’ ‘Letter to Congress’ goes on to say: ‘Without such action, the impact of heat waves, extreme storms and floods, droughts and water shortages, food production problems, lessened air quality, sea level rise, and displacement from homes and communities is likely to pose significant mental-health challenges to millions of Americans and billions of others worldwide. The resulting stress and increase in mental illness would, in turn, be likely to harm interpersonal relationships, make people less able to work constructively or do well in school, and ultimately injure the day-to-day functioning of our society and our economy.’

Now wait a minute. The environmentalists claim that droughts, water shortages and other disasters will occur even though their claims depend on the prediction of weather that is
months, years, decades and even centuries into the future. It’s a well-known fact that meteorology, for all its advances in recent years, still cannot give us a precise weather forecast a week in advance. So how can we be so sure what the weather and temperature
will be in coming decades and centuries?

According to data on the last ten years or more, temperature is dropping. Furthermore, ten or even fifty years are almost nothing in the life of earth and the study of climate change.

Science and common sense tell us that you cannot forecast global climate change based on a few years at a time. Climate change occurs over centuries and even millennia.

Environmentalists are shrieking that the sky is falling, and if we don’t pass Obama’s legislation before the end of 2011, life will be over in another year or two (or maybe five). Yet we read reports that scientists who identify factual data undermining the theory of climate change and global warming are having their data banned or deleted.

No surprise there.

Basically, we’re being told that we must trade-off possible disaster for certain disaster. In other words, because temperature might rise over coming decades and centuries (with just as much, or more, evidence pouring in to suggest it won’t), we must shut down industrial/technological civilization as we know it. In order to prevent suffering and harm (that isn’t necessarily even coming) we must impose suffering and harm on millions of people who currently inhabit the planet and are accustomed to a certain quality of life based on carbon emissions.

All in the name of ‘ mental health?!?

Trust me: Psychology has done enough damage to the human cause with its theories of Freudianism, behaviorism, subjectivism, group dynamics and now biological determinism.

Add to all that the toxicity, irrationality and deceit of environmentalism, and it’s almost too much to bear.

To see the psychologists’ statement, go here: http://www.psysr.org/about/programs/climate/projects/letter
‘Letter to Congress on Mental Health Impacts of Climate Change.’