Obama the Arrogant Prince

The President and his friends in the media blame the Tea Party, who got none of the spending cuts they wanted in the phony budget “compromise,” for the subsequent slide of the stock market and the growing debt crisis in the U.S.

Yet it’s interesting how nobody, including even the Tea Party, mentions that the current budget deficit was created primarily by Obama’s spending over the last 2-3 years.

Why doesn’t Obama get any of the blame for the increase in spending that created the budget and debt crisis in the first place?

Clearly, Obama is a man not accustomed to criticism. He’s arrogant, obstinate and indifferent to points of view which are not his own. He’s sure he’s right, and he has an answer for everything, no matter what facts get in the way. His response to the congressional elections of 2010 was to simply start using the executive branch of government to impose his will. For example, he is authorizing the EPA to implement anti-business policies that could not even pass the liberal Democratic Congress. Also, he has used the FCC to strong-arm his desire to nationalize the Internet. Further, he’s using the Department of Health and Human Services to implement ObamaCare regardless of whether Congress (or even the Supreme Court) ultimately repeals it.

In 2008, Americans elected a man with no real experience either in government, or the private sector. He was a political prince, told he was great without ever having to earn it. He championed “change” but all he really did was expand George W. Bush’s big spending, big government policies. Logically, it was entirely predictable that if Bush’s policies of big government led to disaster that Obama’s policies would take us to the edge of catastrophe. That’s exactly what happened.

Americans have to learn the most important lesson here. That lesson is that socialism is wrong and it fails, wherever and whenever it’s tried. They must come to understand that George W. Bush was a failure as President because he implemented the same policies that Democrats always imposed. For example, Bush expanded Medicare and helped create the real estate bubble through regulatory manipulation of the loan market. Obama has done the same thing, only more so. What we need is a massive and complete course reversal from both of these administrations who took us in the same direction, only at different speeds.

If Republicans hope to defeat Obama, they must make this argument. They also must blame Obama for the debt crisis that Obama himself now blames on the Tea Party. Without the massive spending that Obama initiated in the first place, there would have been no debt crisis and no downgrade. If Obama had come into office cutting spending (along with taxes) rather than increasing it, there would have been no Tea Party to scream, “Stop! Enough!” All of Obama’s spending is still in place and if you’re foolish enough to think there will be any actual cuts while he’s still in office, then you’re foolish enough to deserve him for a second term.

Obama is¬†obviously the worst President since Jimmy Carter, who was arguably the worst President in American history. Imagine two terms of Jimmy Carter. The country would have collapsed in the 1980s rather than made a partial comeback, including a defeat of the Soviet Empire. History was changed when Jimmy Carter was defeated in 1980. The same could happen in 2012. But if Obama wins another term, it’s probably not melodramatic to say that America’s best years are behind it. And the majority who reelect him, if they do, will richly deserve this fate of their own making.

These are just a few of the arguments that Republicans can convincingly make to defeat Obama next year. They will encounter a hostile media and intellectual establishment unlike anything they have ever seen. They should pay it no mind. Any candidate unwilling or unable to ignore the liberal/socialist Establishment during a campaign can be expected to do the same, once in office. No such candidate should get into office. If America does go down, let it happen on Obama’s watch and not Mitt Romney’s.

Obama owns the debt crisis. He’ll never admit it, because he’s clearly the type of person who is used to blaming others for his own mistakes. Just two years ago, he was propped up by liberals as the most charming and brilliant figure in the history of mankind. Of course, now they’re turning against him because that’s what both liberals and criminals do. They don’t own their mistakes. They simply blame others.

Obama was the liberal’s prince: The prince of the arrogant and irresponsible. They deserve each other.