The Court Jester Strikes Again

On TV crime and court shows, you sometimes see the attorney, during a trial, say something outrageous and indefensible. The opposing attorney immediately objects and the judge backs up the objection. The attorney who said the outrageous statement replies, “Withdrawn.” He knew his claim would never stand up. He was just appealing to the jury’s emotions.

This is what Joe Biden, our national Court Jester, recently attempted, apparently with great success. He reportedly called Tea Party supporters and other opponents of his policies “terrorists.” Of course, once confronted he backed down and claimed he never said such a thing.

Is he telling the truth? Who knows? Politicians lie for a living, and Joe Biden has been at this for more than four decades.

What we know for sure is that supporters of all things socialist, Biden and Obama included, don’t like dissension. They know that reason, facts and logic are not on their side. They don’t care. They want what they want, and they consider anyone who dares to challenge or disagree with them downright evil. So much for the ‘era of civility’ liberals demand of others but never apply to themselves.

Liberal socialists like Biden have made their careers in government. They know or care of nothing else. They actually think that they’re doing good, when in fact they’re simply stealing money from the private economy.

Unlike other thieves, high-level politicians get treated as respectable dignitaries. Unlike common criminals, they don’t have to live their lives on the run, or in prison. They live in mansions and are supported by the public, literally forever.

The United States was founded on dissension. The original American Revolution was a gigantic rebellion against the idea that men should rule other men. It was a giant advancement of the idea that a Constitution, based on simple but strong principles, grounded in individual rights, should govern man. In practice, this meant that people must leave one another alone. For a time, this Constitution was honored; eventually it came to be ignored, as its authors feared.

Today, with the presence of people like Biden and Obama in government, the very idea of dissension is now attacked. You’re either with the socialists, or you’re against them. The U.S. government has become what its very founders fought.

Notice how the liberals in Congress save their attacks not for mealy-mouthed Republicans, but for the people in the Tea Party movement they call “terrorists.” The value or strength of the Tea Party is not the point here. The point is that anyone who differs in principle from the Democrats are considered mortal enemies. Democrats are not used to being challenged in this way, and they don’t like it.

The people who run our government and Congress — sadly, this still includes most Republicans — are not interested in the well-being of the nation, nor the rights of the individual. They’re interested in conserving, preserving and expanding the power of government. Period.

That’s what the recent “debt limit” non-debate was really about. It wasn’t really about the dangers of not raising the debt limit. The debt limit is nothing more than an arbitrary credit card limit which the government may change any time. Failing to raise it would be no more disastrous than continuing to raise it, because the real issue is spending. The spending cuts in the compromise bill don’t do the job, not even close. The “budget deal” is a sham, and everyone knows it. The game is to pretend that you don’t know it.

The people who persist in saying Washington D.C. is destroying this great nation are the ones who are called terrorists. Our real destroyers are Joe Biden, Barack Obama and their Republican counterparts like John Boehner, who play along with the game.

Biden’s terrorist analogy is interesting. Terrorists are people who seek to inflict harm on people. They are people who initiate violence and inflict psychological cruelty on victims in the process. Advocates of limited government and individual rights are not terrorists. People who rob productive Peter to pay political supporter Paul — and who threaten productive Peter with prison if he refuses to comply — are much closer to terrorists than anyone associated with the Tea Party.

If Biden and other liberal socialists consider dissenters terrorists, then what lies in store for these dissenters under the Obama-Biden regime? Speech regulations? Prison? Reeducation camps? This might sound bizarre, but liberal officials have crossed a line by calling their opponents terrorists. What line will they cross next?

Imagine the hysterical outrage, and the resulting shrieks of victimization, if a Tea Party supporter called Obama, Biden, or Nancy Pelosi a “terrorist. “The fury would be relentless and uncompromising.

Biden’s little TV courtroom trick hardly arouses a whimper.