Negotiating With Lunatics (by Carol Peracchio)

(Reprinted in part here with the author’s permission. To read the full article, click on the link below.)

One of the benefits of having been a nurse for over thirty years is that people will occasionally allow me to be brutally honest.  For example, I can get away with telling an acquaintance, “God did not create gastric reflux medication just so you can eat an entire pizza and then go lie on the couch like a beached whale.”

Until recently, I was willing to believe that President Obama and his party were merely way-out-leftists, even Marxists.  But after listening to their response to last week’s horrific economic news, I can only conclude that today’s Democratic Party has lost its collective mind.  In this nurse’s expert opinion, Obama and the Democrats are crazy.

By “crazy,” I mean looney, batty, daft, bonkers, and nutty as a fruitcake, to put it in medical terms.

On Friday, we learned that the recovering American economy added a piddling 18,000 jobs in June and that the unemployment rate rose to 9.2%.  The underemployment rate jumped to 16.2%.  Americans based in reality were not surprised.  Contrary to the reactions of professional economists, these numbers were hardly “unexpected” to us.  After all, chances are that we are unemployed or underemployed, or else we love someone who is one or the other.