Obama 2012: Possible Campaign Slogans

It’s Twilight in America

Beyond Freedom and Dignity

It’s Not the Economy, Stupid

From Each According to His Ability, To Each According to His Political Pull

Higher Taxes Now!

Laissez-Faire Socialism

Hands Off My Government Programs!

Don’t Think … Just Believe!

Liberalism: The Future of an Illusion

Obama-Romney 2012

One Party, One Man, One Policy

Got Bernanke? Got Currency

Spend Tomorrow’s Wealth … Today!

The Era of Big Government: Just Getting Started!

Free Speech Only if It’s Fair Speech

The Virtue of Selflessness

Liberal Fascism: The Unknown Ideal

Not-for-Profit Capitalism, Bring it On Now!

The Internet is Public Property

Compassion Trumps Competence, Every Time

I Like Barack

Green: The New God

People Create Wealth, Government Owns It

Everything is Bush’s Fault

Repeat After Me: NOT MY FAULT!

Oprahites for Obama: A Car In Every Liberal’s Garage

Take From the Rich and Give to those Deemed Deserving

I Love My Government, Not My Country

Spread the Wealth … And Watch It Disappear!

Wishing for Peace Will Make It So

Who Needs Jobs? We’ve Got Obama To Take Care of Us

Republicans Are Democrat Wannabes….Vote for the Real Thing!

When Obama Does It, It’s Right

Currency Equals Wealth

Don’t Be Selfish … Give Me Your Money NOW!