The Gangster President

According to Fox News online: ‘Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco district was the hands-down winner in the latest set of health care law waivers announced by the Obama administration. More than three dozen businesses with locations in Pelosi’s district were granted temporary exemptions from the law in April, according to information released by the Department of Health and Human Services. The businesses — mostly restaurants and cafes, with a few upscale hotels and clubs mixed in — accounted for about 20 percent of all waivers granted last month.’

Pelosi’s office did not respond to a request for comment. Of course they didn’t. The honest answer would be, “What did you expect? Do you think we’re idiots? Of course our cronies don’t have to obey the law. The law is ridiculous. Only our enemies — and other unfortunate souls — will have to obey it.”

To those who actually think that liberals and socialists have

good intentions, albeit stupid policies, this should be a major wake-up call. The purpose of ObamaCare was never — nor could it have been — to help everybody in society. The purpose of ObamaCare, and all socialist policies like it, is to help some at the expense of others.

Obama, Pelosi and other supporters at the time said the purpose of the health care law was to make medical care “affordable for all.” No such thing is true. If it were, waivers would not be required in the first place. And if it were, waivers would be granted to everyone, not just selected people who support the politicians that passed the law.

The widespread granting of waivers is a not-so-tacit admission by the Obama Administration that the law is a burden on the private economy. They were so quick to grant these waivers after the passage of the law that you can only assume that they knew this all along. They realized they were passing an unjust and burdensome law, but they also realized they could rescind the law, once passed, for those whom they chose to shield from its consequences.

This outrageous behavior is the kind of stuff of which revolutions are made. Instead, Obama is set to sail to victory for a second term against the weakest opposition yet to ever emerge in the Republican Party (and that’s saying something). Increasingly, our politicians have dropped any pretense at being fair, just and reasonable. They’re no longer merely hypocrites; they’re the moral equivalent of criminals.

In the past, politicians would have passed the law, realized its negative and unjust consequences, and backed down on enforcing it — for everyone. These politicians would continue to state the law is wonderful, while declining to enforce it. Not so with the new breed of politicians who now control the offices of the nominal American republic. These politicians are nothing more than legalized gangsters, using the power of brute force — guns, jails, and (unlike gangsters) pseudo-moral authority — to sacrifice many for the sake of the few in their gang.

How do they get away with it, in a country that still has democratic elections? By promising something for nothing. The majority of Americans, while initially opposing ObamaCare, are evidently now willing to tolerate it. This is because they hope, deep down, it will be like Medicare and Social Security, promising them something for nothing whether they pay for it or not. Of course, no such thing will be true. If you think Medicare without ObamaCare was bankrupt, wait until you see the new Medicare-ObamaCare combination develop over the next few years.

That’s not the point, though. The point is that the dirty little secret of most Americans is that they seek something for nothing, at least when it comes to society and politics. Like everyone else who has ever sought out such a thing, they will be disappointed and burned (deservedly so). But the very fact that they want something so pernicious explains their tolerance of the gangster mentality of our politicians.

Social conservatives marvel at the spectacle of the White House inviting a “gangster rapper” to perform at a recent event. The rapper reportedly favored the killing of policemen, among other things. These conservatives seem surprised that the Obamas would go that far. But why not? They’re forcing people to obey a law they know is unjust and inhumane, while excusing their personal cronies from that law. The Obamas’ taste in what passes for “music” and “art” reflects their underlying attitudes and assumptions. Those policies are in plain view, and will only continue to expand the more that people tolerate and ignore them.