The “Adult Conversation” Between Politicians and Voters

Politicians: Let’s have health care for all. 

Voters: Yes. But not ObamaCare. We don’t want government care. We want guaranteed health care. Medical care like we have now, only free. And more competent, more compassionate, less bureaucratic than now. Will you get that done, please? And none of this Democrat-Republican quibbling either. Just get it done. Otherwise,

we’ll send Donald Trump in to get it done.

Politicians: Let’s cut the budget.

Voters: Absolutely.

Politicians: Let’s cut these programs.

Voters: Now wait a minute. Nobody said anything about cutting programs. We said cut the budget. Of course you’ll have to cut wasteful programs. But don’t you dare touch Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security. Leave them alone!

Politicians: Medicare and Medicaid are the biggest part of the federal budget, and the fastest growing part of the budget.

Voters: Well, reform health care then. Make it efficient. We don’t want socialized medicine. We don’t want to pay for it either. Who pays for their own health care? You go to the doctor, and the doctor bills someone. That’s how it works. That’s the natural order of things. Don’t you dare change it!

Politicians: Let’s have increased taxes on the rich.

Voters: OK, I guess. But I might get rich someday. I’ll oppose taxes then, but not now. I’ll probably never be rich anyway.

Politicians: It’s still not enough. The national debt is going up billions by the minute, even if we raise income taxes. Let’s look at a value added tax.

Voters: Don’t you dare. Make health care affordable and efficient. That’s what we’re electing you to do. Put your heads together and get it done. Or we’ll send Donald Trump in there to bash your heads together. And we’re not joking!

Politicians: Let’s transition Medicare to a voucher system. The government will still cover you. It’s just we’ll send the money directly to patients, not the health care providers. It will look like a free market, at least.

Voters: Stop! Stop! No changes to Medicare! We said reform — not change. Don’t you dare tamper with our Medicare. The same applies to Social Security. If you so much as even THINK of doing so, you’re out of office. Donald? Are you there?

Politicians: We’ll have to raise the debt limit.

Voters: The debt limit is bad. It’s the fault of you wasteful politicians, spending us into oblivion. Where’s the Tea Party when you need it? Tea Party, get something done about that. We don’t have time for ideology. We don’t want to hear all your logic, or your political philosophy. We just want the job done. Get your head under the hood and fix it — now! Us soccer moms and football game dads, we have no time to think.

Politicians: You’ll have to decide what you want in the next election. It’s one way, or the other.

Voters: Don’t you idiots hear us? We voted for Obama because we like his attitude. He’s cool and he’s compassionate. We believe in spreading the wealth, health care for all, and hope and change. We also voted for the Republicans because we agree that spending is out of control. We don’t want socialized medicine. We don’t want socialism, period. We all know capitalism is inhumane, does not work, and cannot work. Stop with all this ideology. No socialism, no capitalism. Just do what’s sensible and practical. Listen to Donald Trump. He’s all about getting things done. ACTION is what matters. We don’t care what your ideas are. Just DO it. And do it NOW!

Politicians: It’s a jobless recovery. Only the private sector creates jobs.

Voters: Sure it does. But government has to make it happen. And make sure we have health care while you’re at it. And make sure wages go up. Why aren’t wages going up? That’s the government’s job, not the private sector’s job. Business owners are selfish. They’ll never raise wages without government prodding them. Wages rise and benefits increase because of government, including unions. These Midwest governors trying to curb the power of unions — forget them! Who do they think they are? Sure, we want jobs and we know government doesn’t provide most of them. But we want good jobs, jobs with benefits and jobs that pay our bills. Unions or not, government better provide us those jobs. Otherwise — you’re out.

Politicians (exasperated): OK, we hear you. Hope and change. Fiscal responsibility. Government mandated benefits. Continued economic growth for all. Bipartisanship. Coming together on the budget. Getting the job done. Action, action, action. Donald Trump. It’s all China’s fault. We hear you. Please, please, like us and keep voting for us. We’ll do whatever you ask.

Voters: You had better. And it had better work out — fast.