They’re On the Wrong Side

Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder has resentfully given in. He’s referring the 9/11 mastermind terrorist to the Pentagon for a military trial. Obama and Holder wanted terrorists tried as civilians — as purse-snatchers, or even less — and for those trials to take place only blocks from where the attacks took place. Outspoken Republican members of Congress won’t allow it.

Holder lost the battle, but insists that morally and ideologically he still won the war. “Do I know better than

[opponents of civilian trials in Congress]? Yes. I respect their ability to disagree but they should respect that this is an executive branch function, a unique executive branch function,” Holder said in a press conference.

This is such an Obama Administration attitude. To liberals like Holder and Obama, the Executive Branch is superior — when liberals are in charge of it. The minute they’re gone, the reverse is true. The same is true in Congress. Why don’t they just come out and say the honest truth: “I’m right. You’re wrong. I don’t have to prove I’m right. I just am.”

This is the level to which the foreign policy of a once great and strong nation has been reduced.

“I am frankly shocked by the attorney general’s comments,” said David Beamer, the father of Todd Beamer, who is credited with preventing 9/11/01 United Flight 93 from hitting its target in Washington D.C. The plane instead crashed in a field in Shanksville, Pa. “I guess one of my reactions is I’m thankful there are three branches of government because the last thing I want to see is KSM returning to New York City for a civilian trial,” Beamer said.

Imagine if Hitler had been captured after World War II, and sent to a federal prison in the United States — to be tried as a civilian. If President Franklin D. Roosevelt or Harry S. Truman had proposed such a thing, the nation might have been too shocked to even impeach them. And these Presidents were the socialist/liberal Democrats of their time, as Obama is today. Do you see how far, and how low, we have come?

Only one of two theories can explain the attitude of Obama and Holder on this subject. One is a conspiracy theory, meaning that Obama has been planted by an enemy to destroy the country while pretending to be a benevolent President. The second theory — the true one — is much worse than that: Obama doesn’t really believe terrorists are mortal enemies.

How can this be? We already know the answer to this question, because Obama has provided it many times. Throughout his first presidential campaign, and again soon after taking office, Obama went on a world apology tour. He took exception to the idea of American exceptionalism. He explained that other countries think they’re exceptional too. So who is America to think it’s any better or different from anyone else?

Obama and liberals like him don’t believe there is a superior system of government. This is because they don’t believe there’s such a thing as an objectively superior anything. They see no difference between a nation that produces unprecedented progress and wealth – and a nation that remains in squalor and poverty, generation after generation. Reason is not superior to superstitious supernaturalism; and freedom is not superior to totalitarian dictatorship. The U.S. Constitution is no better or worse than the socialist documents of the U.N., written and approved by dictatorships. Given such a mentality, it’s not a stretch to imagine considering 9/11 terrorists … well, garden-variety criminals. Here’s what Obama won’t say, but all his policies imply that he thinks: “Sure, they shouldn’t have killed people. But who’s to say they don’t have a point? America is arrogant and has too much. While we have to arrest them, their actions shouldn’t be treated as acts of war. They’re just criminals like any other.”

We’re constantly told — usually by the Obama left, who dominate all of academia, most of the government and most of the media — that ideology is old-fashioned, “extreme” and immature. Yet Obama has real ideas. He sticks to them, he rarely wavers from them, and they’re implied in everything he does. When he told us that America is nothing special — he meant it. And perhaps he’s right. Because if a majority of Americans return this man to office next year, then this country has surely lost the special distinction among nations it once deserved.