Words, Reality and the Moron-in-Chief

For most people, a tragedy is a time to reflect. For a politician, especially one who has been given uncritical positive regard for all of his short career — including his unearned rise to the Presidency of the United States — Barack Obama has used a tragedy as an opportunity to exploit.

The gulf between this man’s words and his actions is staggering — even for a politician. Even more staggering is how he gets away with it, and how even many of his supposed foes have praised him for his speech at the memorial for victims in the Arizona shooting.

Says Obama: “But at a time when our discourse has become so sharply polarized, at a time when we are far too eager to lay the blame for all that ails the world at the feet of those who happen to think differently than we do, it’s important for us to pause for a moment and make sure that we’re talking with each other in a way that — that heals, not in a way that wounds.” This from a man who almost daily blasts people who disagree with him — people such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and others less well known who dare to oppose his policies. This from a man who directed his White House to ask people to report citizens who voiced opposition to his socialized medicine bill last year. This from a man who, as we speak, has nationalized the Internet and set the stage for the FCC to regulate it as government (run by Obama) sees fit, starting with the distribution of bandwidth and connectivity government ‘deems’ proper.

Says Obama: “For the truth is, none of us can know exactly what triggered this vicious attack. None of us can know with any certainty what might have stopped these shots from being fired or what thoughts lurked in the inner recesses of a violent man’s mind.” If he really believes this, then he’ll tell his supporters at MSNBC, CNN, throughout academia, at all the old line established newspapers such as the New York Times, and in most of the entertainment world to stop blaming the delusional behavior of a man whose favorite book was apparently The Communist Manifesto on the views and writings of people who don’t agree with socialism. Don’t hold your breath.

Says Obama: “We recognize our own mortality. And we are reminded that, in the fleeting time we have on this Earth, what matters is not wealth, or status, or power, or fame, but rather how well we have loved and what small part we have played in making the lives of other people better.” Would Obama give up even one ounce of his power for the sake of people who still want to live lives of liberty, without the nationalization of medicine, for example? Not a chance. Wealth and power matter a great deal to people like the Obamas. Without people creating wealth, there would be no power for politicians such as himself. It’s fine for him to knock power, status and success, but without those attributes in other people, he would be nowhere.

Says Obama: “We should be civil because we want to live up to the example of public servants like John Roll and Gabby Giffords [victims in the shootings], who knew first and foremost that we are all Americans, and that we can question each other’s ideas without questioning each other’s love of country, and that our task, working together, is to constantly widen the circle of our concern so that we bequeath the American dream to future generations.” Wouldn’t it be more meaningful to liberate Americans, get Big Government out of their lives, and restore the value of our currency by cutting government spending, balancing the budget and restoring the principles of the original American Constitution? How can you “bequeath” anything if the government goes bankrupt, hyperinflation ruins people’s savings and businesses, unemployment continues to increase, and people start to die by the thousands as government brings its irresponsible and reckless red tape to doctor’s offices and hospitals throughout the land?

Desperate Americans, even some “conservatives,” look to Obama during a time of crisis to distract us from the disastrous course we have been on for years, a course which Obama has accelerated at full throttle. They made Obama’s speech a litmus test. They fooled themselves into thinking that if Obama didn’t use the speech to blast Rush Limbaugh or other opponents, then he must be a good guy after all.

People this naive deserve what they get. What they’re going to get in the coming months is more socialism, more taxation, more Big Government and more censorship of people who disagree than this nation has ever seen.

If Obama’s opponents in Congress allow this unrelated tragedy to become an excuse for what liberals do best — promoting raw emotionalism over reason and facts — then they deserve to lose the ground they worked so hard to gain. Here’s hoping we get back to reality ‘ and soon.