Today’s “Peace” Is Tomorrow’s Nuclear War

According to leaked documents, Saudi King Abdullah frequently urged the United States to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities, to “cut off the head of the snake.” Reportedly, the King warned that Iran’s program could trigger a nuclear arms race in the region.

King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa of Bahrain and Jordanian lawmaker Zeid Rifai separately expressed similar concerns. Rifai told a U.S. official to “bomb Iran, or live with an Iranian bomb,” warning that sanctions would not matter, according to the Guardian. Abu Dhabi crown prince Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed fretted that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad “is going to take us to war.”

You know you’re in trouble when corrupt Arab dictators make more rational sense than the President of the United States.

Abdullah and Rifai understand that Iran is already a clear and present danger. Nobody disputes that the Iranians are actively building nuclear weapons. Nobody disputes that they’ll use them, for purposes of blackmail, destruction — or both. The only two camps are people who take this information into account, or who choose to evade it. Our present President and Secretary of State, as did the previous ones, choose to evade it. They do so at OUR peril. Indeed, at the peril of the entire free world.

Rifai is correct. We can either attack Iran, or live with an Iranian bomb. Those are the two choices, and there are no others. At one time, it might have made sense to arm Iranian rebels to overthrow the Iranian dictatorship. But that time has passed. It’s too late. We either sit and wait for Iran to blackmail its neighbors with nuclear weapons, or we act now. Those are our choices. You don’t have to like or approve of those choices, but those are the choices we have.

When you study history, you see this very kind of thing play out repeatedly. Weakness and pacifism always lead to war, not peace. The greater the weakness, the more horrendous the war. As Hitler armed his country and invaded Poland, the Obamas of the day promised, “Peace in Our Time.” What we got was the bloodiest war in human history to date.

Now the same thing is happening. Nobody in power takes Iran all that seriously. According to Obama, if only the United States were more humble and self-effacing there would be no threats anywhere of any kind. That sounds a lot like what Ahmadinejad of Iran, and other terrorists, say. To suggest that Obama is on the side of the terrorists is considered paranoid and crazy. Yet, Obama’s words and policies are clearly to the benefit of Iran and its fellow terrorists, not to the United States and its allies.

Is there some kind of conspiracy that put Obama into office? No. But the truth is much worse.

A majority of Americans elected a Commander-in-Chief who is considered brilliant beyond belief, and yet who’s ignorant and foolish enough to actually think that he’s protecting America by pacifying a nation whose government is hell-bent on our destruction. Remember that Iran doesn’t need to immediately threaten the United States homeland with nuclear weapons. Iran need only attack Israel, and thereby destabilize the Middle East more generally. That could mean the end of the oil industry as we know it, leading to further upheaval if not the total collapse of the American economy. Maybe to Obama and his liberal socialist friends that’s not such a bad thing, but to the objective interests of Western civilization — that is, life as we know it — it’s a catastrophe.

And so, history repeats itself. The Allies ignored the threat of Hitler, and got World War II. Today’s free nations ignore the threat of Iran, and will get — we’ll just have to see. One thing is for sure. In a nuclear age, “peace in our time” isn’t going to last very long. Once the Iranians have nuclear weapons, we will all know it pretty quickly. I cannot predict exactly how it will play out, but it will play out. I don’t want to hear expressions of “shock” and surprise, as we heard back on 9/11. Those who evade the hard facts of reality today have every reason to expect the cruel events of tomorrow.