Christmas Shopping Wish List for Liberal Socialists

President Obama will use the vaguely defined powers of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to suspend or cancel the license of Fox News to broadcast.

There will be a flat tax. The tax will be on income above $199,999.00 per year (defined as “the rich”), and the rate will be 100 percent. Everyone below this income level will pay nothing. The rich will pay 100 percent of social welfare benefits, including Medicare and Social Security, and receive $0 in benefits. This guarantees “fairness” which means: A permanent Democratic liberal socialist majority. (It also guarantees the annihilation of civilization, but liberal socialists cannot be concerned with such things.)

Until the flat tax is implemented, the vaguely defined powers of the Internal Revenue Service will be utilized to collect higher taxes from “the rich” (i.e. people who make more than $199,999 per year), regardless of how Congress votes on the reinstatement of the Bush tax cuts.

All tax policy will be implemented and enforced under the vaguely defined powers of the Internal Revenue Service.

Nancy Pelosi will resolve not to hand over the gavel to the Republicans in January. She will simply deem herself the Speaker.

Michelle Obama will finally be let out of her political cage, and allowed to speak freely.

The Transportation Safety Administration will issue a rule that only Republicans and Independents may be screened at airports.

A second stimulus bill will be passed, this one in the amount of $10 trillion. Republicans who supported TARP will be allowed to receive limited benefits, and none will go to anyone associated with the Tea Party.

Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity will be imprisoned for offending the President, using the vaguely defined powers of the FCC.

The vaguely defined powers of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) will be utilized to suspend the 2012 elections due to an economic emergency.

The vaguely defined powers of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be utilized to implement the not-yet-passed, and not-to-be passed, cap and trade bill severely restricting the use of all energy in the United States. Those with positive connections to the EPA will be excused from adhering to the requirements.

All conservative and moderate justices on the Supreme Court will be forcibly removed and replaced with liberal socialist ones. This will preserve the pretense that there is still a separation of powers among the various branches of the federal government.

You see, over the decades Congress has created executive agencies to ensure that liberal socialist policies are implemented, no matter what. Obama and his allies have the power to do what they want, thanks to these agencies. You think all this is a joke, but it might end up closer to the truth than you think. Watch and learn, over the next two-year session of Congress, just how irrelevant the Obama Administration really believes the original U.S. Constitution to be.