Bumper Stickers and Slogans I’d Love to See

Repeal and Replace Obama.

No Capitalism? No Capital. No Economy.

People Who Profit Do the Best Job.

It’s Easy to Be Socialist When You’re Rich.

Earth is For the Benefit of Mankind.

Humans: The Species Who Must Produce, Or Perish

Capitalism: Separation of Economics & State

Keep Your Government Off My Freedom.

Lack of Freedom is Living Death.

Hope and Change: Defeat Obama in 2012.

It’s Not Obama’s Money.

Bailouts: Socialism for Business

All Government is Theft.

Capitalists Create Wealth, Politicians Destroy It.

Government Schools Teach Government Intelligence.

Public Schools: Socialized Education

Politicians and Thieves: Both Spend Others’ Money

We Need a Second Political Party, Not a Third One

Bank Accounts and Bedroom: Government, Keep Out!

Happiness is Obama Not Talking

Government Compassion: Another Name for Tyranny

The Constitution Was Not an Unfunded Mandate

Equal Individual Rights For All

ObamaCare: The Medical Post Office

Health Care for All Means Premature Death for Many

Not Proud of My Country With Obamas in Office

Hit “Mute” on Obama

Liberalism: The Brotherhood of Man Held at Gunpoint


I made each of these up. Feel free to make your own bumperstickers or t-shirts using any of these. Make up your own if you can think of better ones. Slogans are not exhaustive means of persuasion, but they are one way to let others — especially liberals and socialists — know that dissension is all around them.

Send me your own slogans and I’ll post the best ones here at The Daily Dose of Reason.