There’s NOTHING Neutral About “Net Neutrality”

Some recent good news in a column by L. Gordon Crovitz, earlier this week:

Crovitz wrote: As a reminder of unpredictability in politics, consider what happened when the Progressive Change Campaign Committee last month announced that 95 candidates for Congress had signed a pledge to support ‘net neutrality.’ The candidates promised, ‘In Congress, I’ll fight to protect Net Neutrality for the entire Internet—wired and wireless—and make sure big corporations aren’t allowed to take control of free speech on-line.’ Last week all 95 candidates lost.

Dr. Hurd’s comments: More good news that advocates of individual rights can push the Bully Liberals back — and sometimes succeed. The more I read about Obama’s plan for “Net Neutrality,” the more I understand how it’s a corrupt and dishonest concept. It utilizes hatred of successful and wealthy people as a rationalization to take over control of the Internet. Of course, they won’t necessarily restrict or curb free speech, they claim; they’ll just do whatever is required to make everything equal.

Doesn’t that sound like the restriction of free speech? It doesn’t matter whether you say, “I’m going to take control of Internet content in the interest of spreading the wealth,” or whether you seek to control the content of the Internet for any other reason. Control is control, plain and simple. And you can be sure that the kind of people who work in those agencies, especially hired by Obama, will be the type who seek to control or curb the content of speech they don’t like on the Internet, including on this very website and others like it. Those who dare to disagree will surely perish in Obama’s vision of ‘Net Neutrality.’

Put it this way: Last spring, Obama authorized his White House to establish a special email address so citizens could report, to the government, any opposition to his plan for socialized medicine. If you criticized it, according to Obama, you were by definition lying and therefore should be reported to the White House as sending out false and misleading information. I am not making this up. I am sorry to say that more was not made of this at the time. What more proof do you need that “Net Neutrality” is anything but neutral?

Let’s be honest, from a psychological point-of-view. The Liberal Left is dominated by a bunch of bullies. Like all bullies, they’re thin-skinned and cannot stand criticism. In fact, they feel entitled to be shielded from it. These Big Government Bully Liberals have their finger in every single sector of the economy and human activity. There’s nothing they don’t currently control, regulate or manage ‘ and I mean nothing. Their last bastion is the realm of free speech, especially the free flow of speech on the Internet. The fact that every supporter of this corrupt notion lost in the midterm elections is another bright spot in the never-ending battle for freedom and individual rights. Take a brief moment and savor it.