Follow the Leader?

A true leader doesn’t even think of himself as a leader. Yes, he leads by example, but he’s not trying to lead. He’s simply leading the best life he knows how to lead, maximizing his competence and with full integrity. If others choose to follow, then fine. Be wary of any leader who is conscious of himself as a leader, or who seeks out that position. Right there, he’s telling you that he doesn’t think that much of himself. This is why he needs to be your leader, after all: To place himself in a position of superiority (even power) over you. He’ll say or do whatever it is he thinks you want to hear in order to attain that position. Maybe he means it, or maybe he doesn’t. But it doesn’t really matter, even if he does mean it. Because the fact that he’s seeking out your support of him as a leader is proof that he doesn’t deserve that support. If he did deserve it, the case would have already been made.