Obama’s Foreign Policy Towards Iran (in Plain English)

Obama to Iran: “Come on guys. Let’s just meet. The American economy is tanking, and my political clout along with it. I want what you want. I want you guys to build all the nuclear weapons you want. We just have to go through the motion of diplomatic meetings so I can hold on to support from voters. In the end, we all want the same thing. We both want to destroy America, just by different means. I don’t agree it’s necessary to do it by nuclear weapons. Give me a chance, and give me a little more time. I must get a second term in office, especially if Republicans take Congress. I have the Americans destroying themselves without even firing a bullet. Forget the Tea Party. A majority of the country is now on the dole in one form or another; it’s too late to roll back the welfare state. Nationalizing health care was key. We can implement cap and trade with or without Congress. I can do whatever I want, in fact, and intend to whether the people want it or not. America’s days are numbered and we don’t need violence. Let’s destroy America from within; these people are pretty stupid. Forget about nuking us. I can make America commit suicide. It will be less of a mess when guys like you, the deserving ones, take over. Cut me a break.”

Fantasy? No doubt. But think about it. If this were reality, Obama’s policies would be absolutely identical to what they are now.