If High Taxes Help the Economy, Then…

Here’s an idea for fixing the economy: Let’s tax everybody who earns over $200,000 a year at 100 percent.

After all, if taxing and government spending are what lead to economic growth in the private sector, then why not go all the way? The Obama Administration insists that we got into a nasty recession because of the Bush tax cuts. Well, if lower taxes lead to economic decline, then higher taxes and higher government spending clearly lead to economic growth. Everyone agrees the private sector needs to grow. So tax it more.

Clearly, this is absurd. But this is the actual logic of the current people in charge. Obama and his comrades were to have been some of the brightest and most beautiful human beings to ever inhabit the planet. They were going to save us. Instead, they merely expanded on the stupid Big Government/big spending policies of the Bush Administration and have made things even worse. The tax cuts were one of the only things the Bush Administration did right.

Why don’t Republicans make these kinds of arguments? All I hear Republicans saying these days are, “Don’t raise taxes any higher.” OK, but what about the fact that taxes were too high, and government spending (and control over the economy) way too high, even before the recession hit? Boom-and-bust is not the natural order of things. They only happen in an economy that is managed and looted on a regular basis by the federal government. We need a major party in Washington DC who articulates, and stands for, the principle of limited government — not merely a pale imitation of what the liberal socialists have put together over the last century or so.

Don’t get me wrong. I plan to vote Republican like crazy on Election Day. I will vote for any Republican who is not a religious nut. The most immediate priority is to stop, hinder or punish Obama any way possible. We must see Nancy Pelosi hand that gavel over. Obama is the worst President in American history, and we’ve had some bad ones so that’s really saying something. The impact of his damage has not even begun to be felt. But we’ve got to have an alternative party to fight for the opposite principles. I don’t yet see one. Maybe one will yet emerge, once in office? It’s our last and only hope.