The Little Man With the Microphone

You’d think that President Jimmy Carter’s former pollster would be one of Obama’s biggest apologists. Not so much. Here’s what former Carter aide and supporter — Patrick Caddell — has to say about Barack and his party: 

‘President Obama’s undoing may be his disingenuousness.’

“Democrats used to be the voice of the common man in America, not his dictator.’

‘With Carter, I would argue that his failures were not of the heart or of intent, but, perhaps, of execution ‘ With Obama, it’s always about him. It’s a terrible thing to say, but I think that it has become obvious.’

Caddell is not a Republican, conservative, libertarian, Objectivist or Tea Party advocate. He’s still a self-described liberal Democrat. With friends like this, who needs enemies?

Of course, Obama does have one very important enemy: The American republic. You can debate his inner motivations, but there’s no question that Obama is at war with the principles of the American Constitution, what they originally stood for and how they were at least loosely recognized until his term in office.

Under Obama, the foundering American Republic reached the tipping point. America is literally tipping over as you read this. Will it steady itself or tip over? Have the multiple wrecking balls of Obama and the Pelosi Congress done too much damage for us to ever recover? I would say no, so long as we learn from this disaster that we need return not to hapless Republican policies, such as those of Bush, but a complete U-turn back in the direction of capitalism, freedom, individual rights and the original Constitution that enumerated limited powers to the federal government—and nothing more.

The things required to save America now are the same things required to save America three years ago, long before we had the misfortune of enduring a ‘President Obama.’ Obama’s term in office, like Jimmy Carter’s only worse, is a horrible American tragedy, no less so than 9/11 or Pearl Harbor. All of Obama’s policies must be repealed, as quickly as possible. A Republican Congress between 2011-13 should, at a minimum, defund everything Obama supports and everything the Pelosi Congress passed. But that won’t be enough. America will have to return to limited government one decisive step at a time, dismantling most of the parasitic welfare-regulatory state as we know it in the coming years. Otherwise, there will be no more America. In a bizarre sort of way, Obama may have hastened these policies by quite literally bankrupting the government and, by extension, much of the nation.

It will be good to see Obama crushed in the upcoming elections—the political equivalent of being crushed like a bug, nothing less will do. (No offense intended to bugs). But that’s only a beginning. That’s only a negation. America must revert to the original principles that made it great and strong, and provide the remnants of that greatness which linger. That’s up to the American people. If the American people don’t repudiate Obama and the Pelosi Congress thoroughly and decisively, the nation quite simply will not survive. It’s a necessary condition, although not a sufficient one.

Caddell, the last liberal Democrat with any shred of honesty, put it well: ‘I’m like Toto in the Wizard of Oz. My job is to pull back the curtain to reveal the little man with the microphone.’

Throughout its history, America has elected great Presidents and mediocre ones; overrated ones and underrated ones; honorable ones and a few corrupt ones. None have been little men, however. Obama is the first little man to hold this once great office. He was never qualified for this job and most people who voted for him knew it. Unless America is to become a little part of human civilization, the little man with the microphone must be exposed—and repudiated.