Daily Dose Readers Translations into English

‘Impulse control disorder”

Translation: Official sounding: grants permission to steal, gamble, and commit arson because there is a disorder that dismantles the connection between responsibility, thoughts and actions.

‘Full figured’

Translation: fat, overweight.

A woman in court to defend herself against eviction said she couldn’t work because, “she caught the depression.”

Translation: I’m unhappy with my life but won’t do anything about it.


Translation: Bored and would rather be somewhere else or doing something else.


Translation: Allowed to misbehave and do as he pleases because his parents are unwilling to set limits.

‘Work through the past’

Translation: Find an excuse to not think about improving myself/solving problems in the present by continually recalling past events to gain sympathy.


Translation: Life, including the requirement to think and work in order to gain desired results.