Thugs in Power

Government does not have the power to make you happy. But it does have the power to make you unhappy. How? Mainly, by interfering with the generally harmonious and, for the most part, rational progress of human civilization that would otherwise take place without government interference. Although it’s a mouthful, that rational progress of human civilization is necessary to sustain all the comforts of daily life you take for granted. Obama did not provide these things; productive human beings, the system of individual rights and capitalism DID. Do we need government? Yes, government is essential. Any civilized society must have a government to enforce property rights, voluntary contracts and, most of all, protect you from violent thugs. When government becomes a violent thug itself, then you’re in trouble.

Recent case in point: Comments from the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. She said that people who don’t agree with Obama on the desirability of an Islamic mosque at the site of 9/11 should be “investigated.” She wasn’t specific on which people should be investigated, nor by what means. Using or even threatening force against those whose opinions you don’t like, to keep them in line? That’s what thugs do. They now run our government. Reason enough to launch them, via elections, out of our government, or at least out of positions of high authority. Let’s hope when compelled, they’ll go. It will be a wonderful moment, if it comes, to watch Nancy Pelosi, nothing more than a thug in a dress, hand that Speaker’s gavel over to somebody else.