Undercutting Obama, Pelosi and the Czars

 Dear Dr. Hurd, I SO agree with you about the ultimate inversion (See The Daily Dose of Reason 7/17/10). My friends, family and lots of seniors totally agree with doing “something about it” other than attending tea parties, but what?? They all agree that a compiled “list” of the “right people to vote for” would be the solution as not everyone is politically informed; all they want to do is to rid our country of Pelosi, Obama, Czars and impending doom. One of my friends came up with a suggestion… a list compiled of the “right candidates” to vote for in the next election, a list that all of us could obtain and have ready access when needed. We are all in agreement that YOU are the individual who could furnish us with that list!! What say??

Dr. Hurd replies: Thanks for the vote of confidence. I don’t know if I have the time to do the necessary research candidate-by-candidate. But I’d advise this year…vote Republican, unless the individual candidate is horrendous (i.e. more of a fascist-socialist than Obama, something unlikely but possible in rare instances). This is the only way to undercut Obama and say, “No way! Big mistake! Stop, stop, stop what you’re doing!” Then the stage is set for 180-degree policy reversals, with Obama finally humbled (not that he ever truly will be). Will the Republicans even attempt policy reversals, once given full control of government after Obama hopefully loses first the Congress and then the Presidency? There’s no reason whatsoever to think so, based on their past performance. Other than the possible exception of Reagan, Republicans generally seek to keep what the Democrats did in place and to tepidly build on it. (Put it this way: A billion dollar welfare-regulatory state rather than a trillion dollar one). But the only option we have is to keep fighting until one of these two parties reforms and starts to put us on a path back to where the Constitution started. I’ll be first in line to vote for Republicans (minus any individual exceptions locally, if there are any) this November, if for no other reason than to fight Obama the only way I know how.