Another Key To Mental Health

The malevolent universe idea is the notion that life is by its nature difficult, hard and impossible. This attitude is caused by many factors, some of them personal and starting in childhood — for example, an all-pervasive sense that the world is a hostile and unpredictable place, because one’s family was. Another cause is a failure to appreciate the value and power of human reason. Human reasoning is what’s responsible for everything good that has happened in the world, including in your personal life. It’s what builds cities, creates technology, enables comfort and stability, and maintains a sense of security and order — allowing one to take healthy risks. It’s impossible to overstate the value and potency of human reason. It only really flourishes in societies that nurture it, along with freedom, so that the best and brightest can exercise their reason and in the process benefit everyone through innovation and invention. However, the impact and benefits of reason are everywhere, even in societies that don’t nurture it. The point of all this is: The world is a coherent and sane place, to a very great degree, thanks to the human mind’s ability to identify and resolve human problems. The same is true for an individual, since any one individual possesses a capacity for reason. A proper appreciation of all this leads to a more benevolent and less malevolent attitude about reality — i.e. “the universe.” Combating the malevolent universe idea is no quick fix, but identifying its role in your own emotional responses to things can be a crucial aspect of your psychotherapy or life coaching, and your life development in general.