Odd and Disturbing Trends Under Obama

In a dictatorship, the dictator appoints his own special police force or military unit to “protect” his interests as a dictator. It’s noteworthy that Obama has done the same with the government bureaucracy. He is appointing his own army of “czars” aside and apart from the Cabinet leaders of the various government departments. Unlike Cabinet leaders, these “czars” do not require confirmation by Congress, and have unlimited power unchecked by Constitutional law or even post-Constitutional administrative law. In short, they can do whatever they want and nobody can stop them, at least if there are enough of them. It was wrong in principle when Bush appointed two or three of these, but it’s no less wrong in principle when Obama appoints dozens of them — with nary a challenge from anyone. Doesn’t this strike anyone as strange?

Another odd item. The Justice Department, run by Obama, has let Black Panther terrorists go free, without legal consequence. Nobody disputes their presence at polling booths in Pennsylvania, threatening white voters, whom they call “crackers”, with violence. If a Ku Klux Klansman had done this, he would have been prosecuted under the law and the outrage across the land from the academic and media left would have been immense. The Black Panthers were let go, essentially on the stipulation that they were trying to open up polls to more voters rather than restrain voting. Evidently, when a militant representing a politically favored minority group threatens violence against members of a numerical majority, that constitutes “opening up” freedom rather than restraining it.

Ask yourself: Are we moving closer to dictatorship, or further away from it, under Obama? The nations of free governments protect the rights of the individual. Dictatorships protect the rights of the dictator, above all. The Obama Administration is all about Obama and his cronies — and not another living soul.