“Hope and Change” Means No Jobs and a Dependent People

“My small business-owning friends aren’t creating one job. Not one. They are shedding jobs. They are learning to do more with fewer employees. They are creating high-tech businesses that don’t need employees. And many business owners are making plans to leave the country. In a high-tech world where businesses can be run from anywhere, Obama has a problem.  His one-trick pony — raise taxes, raise taxes, raising taxes — is chasing away the business owners he desperately needs to pay his bills.” (columnist Wayne Allyn Root)

The issue is much more than raising taxes — the full impact of which has not yet been felt, since taxes don’t rise until January 1. The problem is the systematic destruction of (what’s left of) capitalism in America. What we’re already seeing is that when you destroy capitalism once and for all, the first thing to go is … jobs. Obama boxed himself in somewhat by claiming that unemployment would decrease after the passage of his stimulus bill. It didn’t, of course. He responds defensively by saying, “Well, we would have lost more jobs than we did were it not for my stimulus bill.” The only people who buy this are the people that will continue to support liberal socialists like him to the end — about 30-35 percent of the population, and maybe less over time as America’s experiment with socialist policies fails on a spectacular and public scale.

The question right now is: How much does Obama really lose by high unemployment? The more unemployment in America, the more unrest there is. The more unrest there is, the less favorable people will feel towards freedom, individual rights and capitalism. The more frightened people are, the more they will embrace his welfare state policies. The more people are out of work, the more people will depend on Medicaid, and the like, paid for by those who still work. Obama is counting on a certain amount of unemployment — even more than we presently have — to keep his policies and presidency going. This is the “hope” behind “hope and change.” He needs unhappiness in the country in order to survive. This is no different from any other abusive personality. Abusive family members, like political dictators, tear you down as a way to gain power they would never otherwise possess. The abusive count on the passivity, humility and weakness of their victims. Is that what America has become? A nation of nothing more than passive, helpless victims dependent on the political maneuvering of an insipid community organizer/college professor who never could have made it outside of academia were it not for the hapless, spineless Republicans who preceded him in office? Helpless victims surely form the base of Obama’s loyal constituency. But what about those who pay the bills? Will they continue to take it? That remains to be seen.