Bullies are Reality-Challenged

A bully (verbal or physical) by definition has low or no self-esteem. This is because any individual at war with reality, as a bully is, cannot have self-esteem. Self-esteem comes from having a rational relationship with reality. Reason as the centerpiece of one’s life is at odds with bullying. Rational people want to produce and thrive, to the best of their abilities. Bullies want to control, intimidate and even harm/injure, to whatever degree. This is indicative of (and results in) a very ineffective, inadequate life. The bully doesn’t get from his bullying what a producer gets from his business invention, his scientific discovery, or even something more ordinary (but still productive) such as maintaining a good living and raising one’s children well. A bully destroys, and seeks to destroy—not to create, or even to maintain or nurture.