They Hate It–But They Sure Spend It

Politicians who advocate Big Government hate private profit and capitalism — yet they love money. They must love money, because they dearly love spending it. Either they cannot or will not create it in the sums that they spend it. Why does nobody ever comment on this contradiction? You have, in the latest instance, the spectacle of Joe Biden — whom I call the Court Jester — calling the manager of a custard store a “smart ass” for suggesting that high-taxing politicians owe the public something back (like maybe their own money). The Court Jester also demanded to know, “What do we owe you?” It sounds to me like somebody hit a nerve. It’s not hard to see why. The implication of the comment to which Biden replied defensively was, “Nobody is entitled to something for nothing.” Biden, apparently, is indignant at the idea that this be applied to him. What else can you expect from a lifelong career politician, which most of them are? They haven’t worked an honest day in their lives — and they never will.

I say it’s time to confront these politicians on their own contradictions. “If money is so bad, then why do you see spending it — trillions of it, borrowed against future taxpayers not even born – as the solution to all economic problems? If money is in fact a good thing, at least when spent by politicians, then how can those who create ALL of that money in the private, for-profit sector be bad, evil and undeserving?” The public, socialist sector never has and never will create anything, at least not without money taken from the private sector. Yes, pointing this out is “smart ass” — from the point of view of someone who doesn’t want to be questioned or called on a contradiction. But if our current elected leaders intend to stifle all dissension and criticism, then they had better state — and start defending — that policy right now.